Best Fragile CD

My wife heard a cut from this on radio the other day and said she wanted it on silver disc for Christmas. I wore this one out on vinyl in the 70's (when I met her) and our band played lots of Yes stuff, so this one has certain sentimental value.

Can anybody recommend a good-sounding one?

I have CD and SACD, but not DVD-A.


Steve O.
The original Atlantic gold disc (in the box) is the best I have so far. I have the original US made in Japan, the compressed to heck remaster hdcd, and the newest mfsl version. Get the old Atlantic gold. It's far better.
I also have the same disc - Atlantic Gold 82524-2. Thanks for the tip that the MoFi is no better. The first pressing Japan for Japan may be better, but I haven't heard it.

Get the cd version...and as a special gift...pick up a used vinyl copy...they are cheap and plentiful...and the original vinyl sounds amazing...