Best HDMI Cable for Video

I'm looking for opinions for the "best" HDMI cable. Primary function is video, not audio and it will be a short length 2 meters). I'm looking for the picture to "jump off" the screen. My dvd player (ARCAM DV 29) and set top cable box both have HDMI outputs, as does the TV (Sony 60 inch SXRD). I current use a passive power line conditioner (BPT 3.5). I'm looking for some feedback from people who have bought a few or tried a few cables ( so that a person can compare and contrast). Also it must pass 1080P.

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Try a cable from pccable. Cheapest prices on hdmi cables I have found. I have not compared hdmi cables, but the pccable I am using and the high dif picture is wonderful.
Sorry, I haven't compared, but I got mine from and I'm very happy. I'm using it with a Samsung 67" DLP.
have no exp myself but u may try to post this on the home theatre section to get more videophile responses..
This is a bit of a new direction in cables. You might not want to spend top dollar just yet. Let's see who comes into the market.
I finally went with the Wireworld Starlight 5. All I can say is "wow." Picture definition and color saturation are fantastic. It beats my Synergistic research designer reference component cables, especially in reducing "flicker" and shadow detail. Very good buy for $220.
Try Got mine for $80. They are the reference cable for Perfect Vison and other reviewers. Great picture from my Sony DVP-NS90V to my Sony 30' WEGA.
I used the Blue Jean HDMI, was very stiff but worked great, my brother needed a HDMI cable so I gave him the Blue Jean, I purchased the new Sony HDMI cable, well made easy to work with, and a great picture and sound.

Folks don't blow a lot of money on HDMI cables the good ones as above are as good as they get with no improvement in picture of sound from using either brand.

I am not saying go dirt cheap, but don't spend 100's of dollars either.
I agree with Sherpa on the Wireworld Silver Starlight 5.2 HDMI cable. If you want the very best this is it! Cheap ones like the Pangea HD-24L ($25) and a bit better the Pangea HD-24PC ($60) work very well if you are looking to save some cash and if you are not going high end.
A friend of mine just got a Tributaries 9 series HDMI cable and its better than my Wegrzyn's HDMI cable!.. for about half the cost!..The Picture on my Pioneer KRP-5500M Plasma LOOKS a little more FILM-LIKE...
Use a 30ft bluejeans hdmi and never a problem. It is through pj...never a problem even through Carolina summers.
Component video (analog) and HDMI video (digital) are two different beasts.

When using HDMI and TMDS encoded video streams it is impossible for a cable to modify bits from the source to produce an image that looks like what was intended never mind make it look better than another HDMI cable. If the video bits get "flipped" because of a bad cable or a cable the is not made well enough for a long run, you will see "sparklies" if you get an image at all.

Please do due diligence and see how HDMI works before spending serious money on HDMI cables. For a 6' cable you don't need to spend more than $15, if that. You can get Cat 2 certified 25 ft HDMI cables for $50.

Back in 2005 when I posted positive results for Blue Jean HDMI cable I was running a short run. I have another post here at Audiogon where I was seeking help choosing a new TV.

LED, LCD or Plasma

Bottom line I bough the new Panasonic 65" Plasma and bought Blue Jeans best 45 foot HDMI. It's been hooked up for several days and I had not posted comments about TV performance due to my disappointment with picture quality.

A few hours ago the new Oppo HM-31 switch box arrived, it allows the U-verse, Oppo Blue Ray and one other HDMI to all work via switch with the one long run from Blue Jeans.

The picture quality was so improved I called Oppo to thank them. They modestly accepted my compliment but said the HM-31 box should not make that much difference and suggested the Blue Jean cable may have a problem.

I called Blue Jean and told my story and the fellow I spoke to told me I was mistaken, that the only way this cable would manifest itself as defective was noise on the screen or bars. I argued that perhaps there was some impedance issue between the AT&T U-verse box and the Panasonic or that output level may be low due to the 45 foot run.

He basically got mad and wanted off the phone. This is the last dealing I will ever have with Blue Jean cable. I plan on ordering from Monoprice and running a comparison. If the TV quality with Monoprice cable is same with and without Oppo HM-31, then the Blue Jean HDMI is not up to snuff.

If Oppo box has same effect on Blue Jean and Monoprice then something else is going on. Perhaps none of these super long (40 to 60 foot) HDMI cables are doing 100% what a short run does unless processed with something like the Oppo.

One might never know without the test, just sharing what I see. As a photographer the image quality is important and thought others might benefit.
I have read numerous reports of people using the monoprice cables. Not just hdmi but other ic's as satisfaction from all accounts. Belkin silver series are getting some attention as are the new Emotiva line of cables. I just don't see spending hundreds of dollars on one cable. I'm not knocking those that do...please don't misunderstand...I personally would not spend that much particularly when it is video that is the concern.
Three Monoprice HDMI cables are due to be delivered tomorrow. I'll test them against Blue Jeans best (I currently own) and If Monoprice perform equally well, the Blue Jeans will be returned.

I admit I would not have done this if not for the arrogant attitude of the "salesman" on the phone at Blue Jeans Cable.

I don't understand his closed minded and angrily argumentative response to my experience of improved picture with the introduction of the Oppo line amplifier.

Strangely enough, after I hung up the phone I was looking around Blue Jeans website and notice they have their own version of the Oppo line amplifier. Wonder why they offer if line amplifiers can't possibly help picture quality?
Monoprice HDMI arrived this morning, test is done. The Monoprice is slightly better than Blue Jeans in 45 foot run but both benefit from the Oppo.

Since the Monoprice is more than $100.00 cheaper I'm returning the Blue Jeans.

Anyone else with similar test experience, it would be good to read your response.
That's an interesting find Al...Care to share which mono$ series cable you purchased/using? I just learned of them a couple years ago and purchased some highly reviewed 'cheap' rca's for connection between prepro and pwr amp...sounds fine and no reliability issues.
Throwing this out as a suggestion and also a query for myself. Audio Advisor has Pangea HDMI cables for sale. They offer a silver plated copper and a silver plated Ohno copper HDMI cable. I just received my Monoprice HDMI cable today and I like it. Certainly superior to component.

Has anyone tried these cables or other brands with the silver plating? I need another HDMI cable and am considering the Pangea cables.
Hello Mnnc,

Here is link to the 40 ft. cable I bought.

Monoprice HDMI

I may buy some of the Monoprice RCA cable to run between the U-verse box and my recently acquired Rotel integrated. I have hope the U-verse variable volume will power the Rotel into my in-wall speakers so TV sound will fill the room without blasting the small Panasonic TV speakers.
Monoprice has silver plated cable, I employed "chat" button to ask why no silver plated 40 foot version was available.

"Maybe soon," was their answer.

They do offer a 50 foot version in silver but adding 10 additional feet of unnecessary cable seemed like a bad idea.

If you require 25 feet or less, my understanding is the Monoprice copper is fine. I think the problem comes from 40 foot and longer runs.

Blue Jeans (best) bonded pair HDMI is 23.5 gauge and the Monoprice is 22 gauge. That makes the Monoprice slightly heavier gauge, but not by much.

As I stated in my post 02-08-10, the Monoprice was somewhat better than more expensive Blue Jeans but still performed better when plugged into the Oppo HDMI switch with amp and EQ.

Here is link to 25 foot silver;

Silver HDMI

There are others on the site, my problem was no 40 foot which is minimum length requirement for my install.

If you buy the silver and run a test against the copper I would like to read a report. Monoprice has 100% refund policy, guess you could try silver and return the looser.
Just ordered the 2M Pangea HDMI with 4% silver plated Ohno copper. Will post my comparison to the Monoprice cable.
I have had a noticeable improvement in video quality using the Supra HDMI cable. The Perfect Wave HDMI cable provides even more improvement, but is more expensive. I notice HDMI cables have a bigger impact on audio than video performance in my setup.
HDMI uses TMDS (Transition Minimized Differential Signaling) to send data. In short, each 8bit data value is encoded into a 10bit value before it is send over the "wire".

The encoding is done to minimize the 0->1 and 1->0 transitions: The encoder chooses between XOR and XNOR by determining which will result in the fewest transitions; the ninth bit is added to show which was used. In the second stage, the first eight bits are optionally inverted to even out the balance of ones and zeros and therefore the sustained average DC level. The tenth bit is added to indicate whether this inversion took place.

In order for a cable to uniformly change a video stream that looks "better" or "worse", the random bit changes of every 10bit value would have to somehow decode to uniform changes in the resulting 8bit value. Chances of this happening - ZERO.

An HDMI cable is passive, just wires and connectors. If there is a change in video it was due to some other equipment factor or "faulty recollection".

I'm just trying to save some of you money and time so you can apply them in other areas.

I can't say that I know what "the best" cable is, but Tara Labs makes a very good HDMI cable.
I have done a comparison between the Monoprice and Pangea HDMI cables I described above. As much as I wanted the Pangea to win I like the Monoprice in my system better. Colors have more texture and are less over-ripe. The blacks are a little blacker. My reference for years has been Sony XBR crt pictures.