Best integrated amp for Avalon Indra?

Hi, I just bought speakers from Avalon Indra and I currently have the int.amp Coda CSIB. I'm wondering what other int.amp would be a good match. Would for example Pass Int-30A already take care of it assuming that I never listen in very high volume? I like the transparency of Pass, but I wonder if that model or any other brand would do the job.
Cheers and thank you...and Happy New Year
Any good quality SS integrated will "do the job".

Bel Canto c5i integrated is the first one I would look at for
good sound and value for those.
Not sure of the efficiency of the Avalon Indra's but I believe they above 90. If so consider the Exemplar Audio Exception integrated. Simply stunning good and extremely musical. I own this integrated and I have been blown away about the quality of sound.