Best Integrated Amp for B&W 602 s2 +/-$500 used

Fresh on the heels of a successful query regarding speakers for my Creek 4330r (went with the obvious - a clean pair of Epos ES11's) I return seeking advice on what to power my now-idle B&W dm-602 s2's. They have previously been connected to the aforementioned 4330r (40 watts x 2) as well as a new Onkyo TX-8050 (85 watts x 2) networking 2-channel receiver. The problem with each hook-up is that the overall sound was rather congested in the mid's and loosey-goosey-boomy in the lower regions with sometimes lovely highs but not what I'd call open or airy. I like, or rather want to like, the 602's so I'm looking for what integrated amp would make these things sing ($500 +/-). I'll use them for itunes streaming (via Airport Express) and the occasional TV & movies (moving the Creek/Epos into the fun room for vinyl, etc). Using Canare 4s6 Star Quad speaker cable and Chord Cobra 3 ic's with the 602's perched atop quality, mass-filed stands. Any thoughts? Thanks,
I just picked up an Outlaw RR 2150 Receiver for under $500.00 for a 2nd system and find it to be excellent value for the dollar. There are a few positive reviews online that you could check out. Plus the phono input is decent if you plan on spinning vinyl. One of many suggestions I'm sure.
I had a pair of 602S3 in a bedroom set-up and my use was essentially the same as yours (AE and occasional TV/Movies). I used a Rega Mira integrated to drive the 602s with very good results, certainly no congested mids. Still have the Mira and use it with Neat Critiques, again excellent results.

You should be able to find a Mira well under your $500 budget.
I just purchased the Onkyo TX-8050 and I have to say that I am amazed. Needed to downsize financially so I bought this receiver for the functionality. Currently using it with 85 db Aerial Model 6's and it sounds great at normal listening volumes. Plenty of dynamics with clear and 3 dimensional soundstage. But just as important, it is a fully networked stereo receiver/integrated able to access DNLA music library (quickly) as well as internet radio and paid services like Spotify AND all functions (including volume and power on and off) and music browsing can be controlled from the O Remote App for iPad and iPhone. For less than $300 on Amazon this is a major bargain and a major step forward in integrated design. Basically a poor man's Naim SuperUniti in terms of functionality. I have not heard the SuperUniti at more than 15 times the price so I can't make any sound comparisons but this Onkyo is fantastic. I have owned Gryphon, Krell, BAT, NAD and McCormack and this compares favorably - seriously.
My dealer carries 602s...and I have listened to them in many variations over the years...your description is accurate...they are a very midrange emphasized...almost exaggerated as if the speaker is biting off more than it can chew...however...what it lacks in finesse it makes up a bit in the fun factor...its big, sloppy, and loose...but don't expect miracles from an dealer uses Rotel...have you tried the port plugs?8
Mcdoug8 or anyone else. Does the Onkyo TX-8050 have a sub out connection. I am running an Onkyo 9555A and it does not seem to be compatable with my subwoofer. I do love the Onkyo. I have found it to be very powerful , with nice midrange, tight base, and very nice highs. Thanks,
I've never heard anything better than the Audio Refinement Complete in that price range.
Good Luck
It looks like this may be my next amp as it looks like it has subwoofer out rca. I own the Onkyo 9555a now. Has anyone compared the two amps? I would think their sonic signature would be close.