Best Integrated, period.

Has anyone compared, Gryphon Diablo, Gamut Di150, Vitus SS101, Krell FBI, APL UA-S1 Jeff Rowland Continuum 500? Please add what you found to be best integrated.
Frederklarson, did you get the NCSE? If so, curious to hear your impressions. Thanks, Jay
Hi Jay, auditioned the NCSE for over 2 weeks. The low end weighting and overall balance is subtly, but definitely sweeter IMHO compared to the LE IV. Experimented more and discovered a slight reposition of my C7-ES3's made further improvements in balance and wider soundstage. Never noticed this with the LE IV in the year+ I owned it and tweaked spkr position, cables, etc. The NCSE certainly brought more to the table than expected.

About halfway through the NCSE trial though, I also auditioned some separates that were stunning, and ended up keeping those instead.
Love the Sansui AU-9500.
I recently re-caped with Elna Silmic II for signal path,
Nichicon for power path and upgraded the small signal TO-92's to modern Fairchild silicon. Left the original Sankin output transistors in-place.
Anyone heard the Burmester 082 or 032? Should these be part of the conversation?
Steve, you don't seriously rank your Sansui as the best integrated amplifier period? And sure not ahead of the Vitus?