Best Jimmy SMith/organ masters.....

ANybody have fave Jimmy smith recording or other organ masters that make u groove n cut carpet? bout the that his best?
"The Sermon" is prbably his most famous. I don't know all the Jimmy Smith albums, he made (and still is making) a ton.

Of the many current, younger B3 masters I dig, Joey DeFrancesco and Tony Monaco stand out for me. They both know how to make the beast howl.
I'm a big fan of Jimmy Smith also. The DCC 24 karat gold cd "Bashin' the Unpredictable Jimmy Smith" is one of my favorites. "Relentless" by Joey DeFrancesco and Danny Gatton is one you should check out as well. Joey D is a great B-3 player and Gatton was just an incredible guitar player.
IMHO the best Jimmy Smith I've got is " Blues". Driving rhythm and great sonics.
I am a big Jimmy Smith Fan. The funkiest I own is 'Root Down'. The title track was actually covered by the Beastie Boys and ‘funked’ out even further. I also love 'The Dynamic Duo Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery'. Another one funky as hell! I would love to hear others!!

A new trio out that is B3 based are called 'Soulive'. I have seen them many times at clubs. They are becoming very popular. Like "Medeski Martin and Wood" (another fairly recent funky jazz trio) they have started incorporating DJ's in their music that mix in beats and jazz samples. While is usually is quite amazing the concept is getting old and played out.
Sam Yahel does some nice Hammond Organ work on YaYa3, and
Tony Monaco's Live at the 501 is a killer.