best loudspeakers for full Gryphon system

I'm a new forumer: wander, from Italy (sorry in advance for my poor english...) . I'm going to buy new loudspeakers to be matched with a full Gryphon chain: Mikado CD player, Sonata Allegro preamplifier, Antileon Signature Stereo power amplifier.
Which loudspeakers do you think would be a good match? I listen to rock and classical music, the listening room is not too big: roughly
15 x 15 x 9 ft.
I'm looking at ProAc D80, Tannoy yorkminster, B&W 800D, Wilson Audio Sophia II... other suggestions?

many thanks!!

The Rockport has been paired with the Gryphon with great success, although I have only heard Gryphon preamp and digital
with the Antare's. I have heard the Rockport on a few occasion's, and it is a great speaker. Clearly the one for me if I could afford it. In a room that size, maybe the Mira which is priced in the Sophia range at around 15K. He also has one called the Ankaa at around 26K. I may have the spelling wrong on that one.
Good luck with the Gryphon system.

Other recommendations:

Avalon Indra 18k
Sonus Faber Elipsa 20k
Sonus Faber Cremona M 12k
Vienna Acoustics The Music 27k
Verity Parsifal Ovation 20k
wanderb...any of the speakers you've named will be an effective match with your gear. its really more about the charactor of each of your picks, and your room. of the top of my head, the proac is the best allrounder of the four, but at these respective pricepoints, its pretty hard to buy a disappointing pair of speakers.
Definitely check out planar-magentic type speakers- Magnepan, Podium Sound, Inner Sound,...
Thats a perfect size room for the Merlin Bobby,he has good idea's,good luck,Bob
I've used Dynaudio C4 and JM Lab Nova Utopia BE with Gryphon Antileon (non signature). The Nova's sound amazing with the Gryphon, definately worth trying.... Good luck
The Gryphon Cantata will complete your setup like no other, as it is Rasmussen's personal speaker too.
i suggest that Gryphon would be great match with;

Sonus Faber.

i'm not so impressed with Gryphon CD and preamps. i would not want a full Gryphon gear myself, but the classA poweramps are special if partnered rightly.
hmm i experience a full Gryphon rig as a bit to the technically perfect side. it is very impressive on it's own terms, but personally i would choose speakers like Sonus Faber or Verity to bring the touch and soul and the music. partnering with Gryphon poweramps will likely give nice balance :-)
Agree 100% with Tuboo. 15x15x9 would have significant bass issues with speakers with extended bass response.
The Cantata is a sealed system using a Q controller and will help you bass issues in the small square room.
I agree that I should definitely pay attention to the bass section of the
loudspeakers, given the room dimensions (and is almost a perfect square...)
Maybe the cantata is a good choice.

About Gryphon CD and preamplifiers I compared them only with classe' and
Audio Research and... no way... But for sure there will be a better matching.
I would like to try Mark Levinson... (but for the moment I'm very happy with all gryphon).

many thanks guys!!