Best MC cart for Thorens TP16 MK1?

I'm sick of reading through so many different forums, my eyes are bugging out and I can't decide. So I'm just going to put it out there and see what y'all think. I've never had a moving coil cart before and I really want to install one on my Thorens TD-160 with original TP16 arm (16.5g) and stock TP60 headshell. I've gone through all the math around this, but now I need to hear from folks who are ACTUALLY running an MC cart on the same setup as mine (or have in the past), or at least heard such a setup.

I'm tempted by DL-103, but some feel it's too low in compliance for the arm, and I'd have to add weight most likely. Others that mathematically might fit the bill: Sumiko Blue Point No. 3, Hana EL, Benz Micro Gold, Ortofon Quintet Blue, and Audio Technica AT33PTG/2.

I'm willing to spend up to $700. What friggin MC cart would sing on this arm without fussing with weights? I can't seem to find a straight answer. I thank you all in advance.
Audio Technica VM750SH. It is a MM. I have one and it’s very good. I’m not sure you’ll get the best out of an MC on your rig, specifically the tonearm, or if you really need one. However, if you must, the AT33PTG/2 is a great cartridge. 
Hana SL with Shibata stylus ($750) is the best choice! It will work on that tonearm without problems. What phono stage do you have? Gain - and noise - could be an issue if too low! I use an SUT with all my mc cartridges. I prefer this into a mm stage rather than a high-gain stage.
Also why not take a look at Moving Iron carts... Grado for one manufacture a range of carts in your price range
Not your arm, or table, but for my 1st MC, I chose the AT you mentioned

AT33PTG/II based on it's Stylus Shape; superior stereo channel separation and tight channel balance. 

Tracks lightly enough, sounds absolutely terrific, it's stereo separation the reason I prefer it to my prior favorite cartridge: MM, Shure V15VxMR body with new Jico SAS stylus on boron. 

Greater separation gives more distinction to instruments 'just off center', bass player just there, floutist ... as well as far left/right, and the strong center instrument/performer revealed in all it's glory. Bigger orchestra ... 

Certain recordings, very wide separation can be distracting, in that case I either use my Shure on my second arm, or adjust the speaker's toe-in to narrow the full width of the sound stage, easy as my heavy speakers are on 3 wheels.

For 2 listeners, to get a nice wide center and audible left/right for both people, I toe-in even more: aim the left speaker at the right chair, right speaker at the left chair, gives very enjoyable imaging to both listeners.

If you cannot alter your speaker's toe-in, an arm with a removable headshell will allow you to use a 'less wide' cartridge for certain recordings.
At a glance I suspect a Denon DL103R would sound very good for you.
I’ve used one for almost 15years now on my Linn Axis with Linn Basik tone arm. I had same concern about compliance initially when I did the math. But I decided to give it a go for nominal cost involved. It continues to deliver the goods every time no problem to this day. So I can strongly recommend the DL103r under the assumption that your tonearm is close enough to mine to get similar results from a cartridge compliance perspective.
Think about future flexibility,

I researched a lot and got advice here before I jumped into MC. After this one, who knows what future MC I might want to try, so I learned about the relationship of X factors and Impedance Loading first, and concluded flexibility would be desirable.

I love the sound of my tube preamp’s MM phono, so I decided to use a SUT Step Up Transformer to boost the weak MC signal enough to go into the preamp’s MM input, and how loading can alter frequency response.

MM Pass is an important SUT feature, it allows you to keep the SUT in-line and run a MM cartridge thru it without it’s transformer’s signal boost. No cable change needed, no 2nd input in the preamp needed.

eventually I chose a vintage Fidelity Research FRT-4 as it has 3 tonearm inputs (front selectable), MM Pass, and 4 optional X factors and Impedance Loads. It is dead quiet. This one is in Russia, just to show it to you:

There are others, including current production,

many of the Entre 100 are available, silver or black

As it happened, I added a second tonearm, then added a 3rd tonearm to my TT, and a friend gave me a vintage MC Cartridge, all easy due to the SUT’s features.

Thanks all. Appreciate the responses and reviews. Very helpful. For those that asked, I'll most likely be running the cart through a NAD 106 preamp that has a MM/MC stage switch. I also have a Vincent PHO-701 tube preamp (with DIP switches) in another setup that also has a MC option. I plan to keep the cart on a separate second TP 60 headshell for easy swapping.
Just closing the loop here for future info. Again, I have a Thorens TD-160 with TP16 MK1 tonearm. I ended up purchasing a VAS Ebony 103 moving coil cartridge. It's essentially a DL-103 with the same compliance, but it's much heavier due the wood body, really enhancing the low end. The added weight I think makes it a better fit for the TP16 than the stock 103. Plus it comes with a refined nude hyper elliptical stylus.

But please note that the stock TP60 headshell will not work with this cartridge because that headshell can only mount carts from the bottom. I had already purchased a second fabricated TP60 headshell from Pat's Audio online for easier switching of carts, and thankfully this headshell allows for top mounting.

I've only been spinning for a few hours but it sounds incredible. Details jump out, bass is super tight, so much clarity yet retaining warmth. I imagine it will only get better as it breaks in. Couldn't be happier.
Thanks to all of you who offered opinions and advice. It truly helps.