Best Methods For Removing Dust From Drivers...?

Methods / tricks / tweaks / prescribed protocols / simple ways to...Yes, the problematic buildup of indoor-borne dust...??



Cone drivers, just use a microfiber cloth or a duster- gently - they really are not that fragile.

Dome tweeters are fragile so use canned air or similar don't spray directly on the dome but across it - that should do the trick.

Ribbons - stay away - just live with it :-)

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A soft camel's hair brush, like the kind your wife has in her makeup bag, will do the trick quite well. And, it can be used on any type of driver...

Brf. Perfect! Same way I clean the dust off my amp. Turn it up till it burns off. -John
A Swiffer should do the trick. Lightly brush the driver. The fibers act like dust magnets. Good for all equipment, too.
07-19-12: Rrog
I use a feather duster.

Good old housewife way of cleaning. The maid uses it quite often.
I gotta agree with BRF. AC/DC Live at Donnington turned up nice and loud should do the trick.
Can't say whether it is the best method, but I sometimes use a "Purdy" brand paint brush. A new or unused one that is. The bristles are soft enough to give me a comfort level that there will be no damage when dusting but also firm enough to remove the dust. And the bristles do not come off when using.
Thanks guys. I'll try Pops' recommendation, sine it sounds like the most efficient method...

Kerosene and a lighter...and u can cook meat while doing great with Bose products