Best Monitor speaker - low volume level listening

I am looking for a monitor speaker that excels at low volume levels. Suggestions?
This is also a function of the amp. But the Penaudio speakers will play just as well at high or low volumes. Silverline SR 17 will also but need a really massive stand to sound their best.
My Harmonic Precision Caravelles play beautifully at low volumes. Especially compared to the Revel M20s, I use to own. I do not have experience with other monitors at low volumes, but I can certainly say that my preferences listening to music at this later stage in my audiophoolish life (use to listen at ear bleed levels as a young audiophool) lean toward soft listening. I'm a big jazz man, and I find the Caravelles, top to bottom, articulate, tight, sweet on top, and as full as you can be, in the midrange, at low volumes. These speakers must use their dedicated stands to sound their best. They are pricey, with their dedicated stands, but they deliver in such an incredibly big way, that the $$ seem quite reasonable given the quality of sound. peace, warren
listen to the totem mani-2's. they need a powerfull amp and good stands but sound very nice at any volume if you have the right equipment.
You might want to check the archives. If I'm not mistaken there was quite a lengthy thread on this same subject.
I concur with the SR 17's, but if you have a small space, I have had good results with the SR 12's as well.
JMR Trentes play well with a full and revealing sound at low volumes per my experience.
Should I dare say Green Mountain Audio Europa's ;-P!? On second thought perhaps I shouldn't... it could start another 200 post thread!
I'll say it, EUROPA's!! Bring it on...:>)

Yes, they have very good low level resolution.

JM Labs Micro Utopia BE's! Detractors can say whatever they want, but these transducers are some of the finest, if not the finest mini-monitors extant! Once you've heard what those Beryllium tweeters can do, you're going to be hooked and all other speakers will sound bland and lifeless in comparison! Ensure you listen to a fully broken-in pair mounted on sturdy stands. One British reviewer aptly described them as "Pocket Electrostatics"! Glorious mids and sparkling highs that extend forever! A low level listening, they are top notched! Dude, you just have to listen for yourself. Disclaimer: I have not heard the Caravelles. I saw a picture of them though, yeeechh! For your info, I settled on the BE's after hearing a few contenders: B&W N805's; N805 Signatures; Reference 3A MM Da capo i, Spendors, SF Cremona Auditors, etc..
"I settled on the BE's after hearing a few contenders: Spendors"


I've got an audition set up for the Spendors on Thursday, along with offerings from Quad. I'll see if I can find a local JM Labs dealer to check out the mini Utopias.
John, is running a special, you can get a pair of Ref 1's, normally priced at $1500, and their new tube integrated for $2k. These are amazing speakers, well worth looking into in my opinion (of course, you can't demo them in any retail shops so you'd probably have to use to find someone near you who had them).

here's the thread at av123

and here are the Ref 1's in my system (with your old PT gear):