Best power cord for amp??

Just bought an Audio Research VT-100MKII. I need some suggestion for power cords. Please advise. Thanks
MIT zipcord II works great on my Classe - took the soundstage way behind the front wall. Synergistic Master not as good as the MIT on the amp but outstanding on my digital front end.
I ALREADY USED SYNG.ds.sq.ref-NBS stetament II-Purist dominus and now all my AC cords are SHUNYATA king kobra.ı can easyly say that shunyata[BLACKmamba-kobra or king kobra] cables are very BEST....
Wait a minute !! This looks like a KING COBRA website, does the world revolve around a KC ? OK, just kidding now, I own cobra and a KC, the KC is used on my CD source. The KC is a revolutionary product. It's like EG's Fatman coupled with PS Audio's Power plant. The KC might be worth cashing in a few dot-com stocks. What I need to know is, what is "star dust" ?? Does anyone have a clue.
Hi Kuro..; I recently auditioned 5 power cords from The Sanctuary of Sound in Seattle, WA, including a prototype of Shunyata's new "Sidewinder". (Note: right now my system is tilted to the bright side of neutral because of recent installation of dedicated AC system). The Sidewinder is very smooth, detailed, has wide soundstage, and is subjectively fast with good bass, ie pace and rhythm are well served. I think the Sidewinder is tonally neutral, but my system is presently a bit bright so I did not purchase it. Rather, I opted for the Syn. Res. Master coupler which is slightly on the dark, mellow side of neutral-- to help tame my system brightness. The Sidewinder I had was the 20 amp IEC plug version to fit my big McCormack amp. The SR-MC was the more standard 15 amp version, that I put on my pre-amp. I feel sure that if I had not put in the dedicated AC system, I certainly would have purchased the Shunyata Sidewinder, and I predict that at $375. (list) Shunyata is going to sell a LOT of them. But for MY system, I returned the Sidewinder, and ordered a 2nd SR-MC (in 20 amp IEC) for my amp. The SR-MC + Sidewinder was almost an excellent combo. Note: I also have Syn. Res. ICs and speaker cables, so there may have been some synergy with their PCs in my system. The other cords: Electraglide-- little difference from stock OEM; Orchard Bay-- same; Essense ESP-- too much of everything with a forward, aggressive midrange that some may like, but I didn't. I would never buy a power cord without auditioning it-- unless you buy it cheap and can resell it if you don't like it. As Michael Bush (1st post) recommended, I would not overlook the Synergistic Research Master Couplers or maybe their more expensive Reference model.
I also tried the Master Coupler. Too filtered, too dark, very tubby bass. The Reference is probably much better, but these Shunyatas are supposed to be great. Mine are taking a while getting to me.