Best power cord for BAT 75SE

Anybody have suggestions about which power cord would be a good match for the BAT75SE amp? Since the BAT is "neutral" in sound, I would assume a more "neutral" power cord would be best.
David Elrod EPS 3 1st, Acoustic Zen Krakatoa 2nd, Shunyata Viper V2 3rd. I have the 150SEs and while these are all good cords the Elrod cords are easily much better. It's really hard to really even reccomend anything else after hearing the Elrods.
Ejlif- Have you tried the Python or Anaconda both are suppose to be better on every level then the Viper V2? I am told the elrod cables are fantastic.
Hi Ejlif,
Thanks for your response. Do you have a link (contact information) on the Elrod cables?
I will second Ejlif's recommendation of Elrod's PCs. I have tried about 17 different brands of PCs (and still own about 9 different brands). I have the Elrod EPS-3s on my Lamm M1.1 amps and the EPS-2 on my Audio Aero Capitole, neither of which are the Signatures) and they easily bettered every other cord. They had more resolution, greater transparency, deep extension without being bloated or accentuating any frequency and have great dynamics.

Some of the cords I still own and which they bettered are the BMI Whale Elite MK-II (very nice cord), the PS Audio Lab Cable (nice cord for the $$$), the Nordost El Dorado, the ESP Essence, the Coincident Speaker Tech and the TG Audio HSR-A GenII (great cord for the money).
Beware of Hype on certian Power chords. Stick to the proven designs first before jumping onto the flavor of the month powerchord.
42659, is your comment aimed at the Elrod cords? I assume it is and was wondering whether you know where Mr. Elrod came from or his background? I would like to know what proven designs you are referring to. Trust me, I am NOT trying to start an argument here as I am very much of the opinion that we ALL have our own tastes, preferences and opinions and that is what makes this hobby fun.

However, it is just that your post is very general and even though it warns the poster about "flavors of the month" (which I agree do exist) you do not offer him any examples of the "proven designs." So, I cannot think of how he will be aided by your post unless you tell him what those proven designs are.

Just my $.02
What is a power CHORD anyway....
oh no...
If you stick to the main question of the post..
What will work best with the BAT ... It is a hard question to answer... owners that come fouth should be able to share power cord experiences... otherwise, we could all name our favorites and the poster will be utterly confused...
This coming from myself that owns a Power Cord company!!
Good luck,
By the way, I haven't added any value on recommendations..
Just my additional 2 coins..

I have only tried the King Cobra over the Viper V2, which at the time was tops for Powersnakes, and only on the CD player. Back then I thought the Acoustic Zen Krakatoa just walked all over the King Cobra. Now I think the Elrod walks all over the Krakatoa. The Powersnakes cords are nice, but to me they have always sounded kind of muffled,which is good if you need that. To me most cords seem to have a definate signature, I didn't hear this with the Elrod cords, they just sound right. What I hear is on par with changing out a major component. I have an Elrod EPS 2 signature on order for the Audio Aero Capitole Mk2.