Best Speakers under USD 2,000 Second Hand Price

Could anyone give an idea, about which speakers is the best for my budget under USD 2,000? for second hand price/used goods.

Thank you.
The answer will depend on what other equipment you are using or planning to use, what room size you have, and what your goals are.
1)vandersteen 2ce sign. if room can hold it...laid back, correct tonal and musical accuracy
2)magnapan 1.6...needs lot of power...if room can hold it...accurate mid range...may need sub
3)aerial model 6...mid sized to smaller speaker..needs power...fits most musical spaces..
4)totem staff, modest sized, with lots of width, depth, soundstage, needs power
I would consider Tyler Linbrook super tower ($2000) for sale in agon. With $700 more I would go for Linbrook sig system.
For smaller rooms, Linbrook sig monitor would be hard to beat.
My room is only about 5 metres x 8 metres.

And I like to use tube amplifier with high efficiency output, so it needs high sensitivity of speakers.

What do you think about it?the best speakers under USD 2,000 (for second hand price).

Contact Duke at Audiokinesis. I think he has some trade ins available and his speakers are very tube friendly.
A room that large is perfect for a pair of Legacy Audio Focus or Focus 20/20, these are wonderful and go down very low . There's a pair of Focus now for $2000 here on A'gon.
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Consider new Salk SongTowers which can be purchased internet direct including shipping for under USD 2000. I have them and they are spectacular, accurate and beautiful mid range. Custom built in the US. See several threads on avsforum and audiocircle.
Based on room size, low-power amplification, and budget, I can chime in with a recommendation for a pair of older Altec Model 19s, though they are quite large themselves. I have never heard Audiokinesis' speakers but I have great respect for the mfr's understanding of what makes speakers sound good, so I think that might be a good avenue to pursue as well.
These Urei 813's.

Not mine, but I wish they were.