Best SS Integrateds for a 4-500 budget

Hey everyone, I am shopping for a at least 80 wpc integrated amp. For a budget of around 4 or 5 hundred dollars. I will be driving a pair of dual 10" 3 way JBL ND310 speakers. And i need power. I was looking at the Cambridge Audio a500 but it only has 65 wpc, and i am not sure if thats going to be enough. I also want the best clean power i can get/And quality for the money. A remote would be nice too. If you have any suggestions/comments please post them, Thanks
You should also be able to find a Rotel RA870, RA980 or RA985 used in your price range. They are all 100 watts. I use a Cambridge A3i to drive a pair of B&W CDM-1 in a bedroom size home office system. The A3i was designed by Creek and is better than the A500. Will only cost you $250 used.

Most integrated amps are 50-60 watts and under. Creek makes some 85 watt amps, but they'll cost you $1k used. Many quality amps actually lab test out higher than the literature.

Hi Haoleb
I met the seller (no connection or commission) who is selling a Anthem Integrated Amp 2 for 725.
I know this may be out of your reach but i think it worth saving up for. look at the creek 4340 mark II ....beautiful amp for the money....
i am assuming you have hi-efficiency speakers....
The integrateds really worth looking out for are...if you look around you can steal some deals...
1) Audio Analogue Puccini
2) Anthem Integrated
3) Creek 5350 SE, 5350, 5250
4) Creek 4340, Mark II
5) Cambridge a3i
6) Audio Aleph 3
7) Krell KAV 300i
8) Antique Sound Labs (Only 15pwc)
9) See if you can wait for the audiosource Amp Seven with the Tripath digital chip
Musical Fidelity A-1 or the newer A-2 are very musical amps.
Build quality and design are also exceptional.
The ROKSAN CASPIAN is a really good sounding int amp,rated at 70watts per ch.i'am using mine with vandersteen 1ce.i belive it retail's for $1500,could purchase used for around your budget.GOOD LUCK.JOSE M
NAD C350-new or if you can stretch a little, a used Audio Refinement Complete.
If you're lucky, you may just be able to pick up an Alchemist Kraken at that price.

Best SS integrated I've heard less than $2000.
It looks like Artech Electronics still has a few Audiolab 8000S (with remote, but no phono like the 8000A) at $449 for demos or $549 for new, an amp that was very highly thought of at $1,100. 60 Watt rating, but actually delivers more, I can recall reading my 8000A (about 13 years old)actually measures out at about 87 WPC, although rated at 60, and it doesn't lack for power. Might be worth investigating.
i'm not sure but i've seen few Classe Audio integrated with nice power for low price used here andonebay...
checkit out i'd say ..