Integrateds with DAC?

Contemplating a modest office system and looking for a "one box solution" integrated/DAC to run off a MAC. Speakers likely to be not-terribly-efficient monitors or mini-towers, but room pretty small (10x14x8h), and I won't be going loud, so power not at a premium.

I'm aware of the Bel Cantos (perhaps a little dear) and the Peachtrees (perhaps a little unreliable?), but curious as to what else is out there.


The newer version of the Musical Fidelity A1 integrated has a built-in USB DAC and a phone section. It is a relatively low power class-A amp, but it was fine in my similarly sized room with several different speakers.
Bel Canto C5i is absolutely great. It puts out 120w of clean power into 4 ohms, so I think that should work. I have seen a couple go on here for $1600 used, it's really a great piece of gear.
I've heard the Peachtrees several times, including in high end audio demos. One such was an iPod Nano into the Peachtree, using the pre-outs to bi-amp some Maggies. Sound was fabulous and it showed off just how good both the DAC and line stage are in the Peachtree. For your purposes the bult-in power stage would be plenty as well. Plus some of the current models can dock an iPod for a direct digital feed to their built-in DAC.

Have you considered the idea of some powered speakers (e.g., AudioEngine A5) and the Benchmark DAC-1 PRE?
If you're only using digital sources, the Emotiva XDA-1 looks interesting on paper. Not digital volume control, digitally controlled volume. And it has blue lights ;)
I have the Bryston B100 with dac in my office setup with my macbook pro. Really hard to beat the sound. Lots of power

This question comes up periodically, so you might check the archives for other answers.

I'll add the Music Hall Mambo to the list of integrateds with the DAC.

Hi John,
and I'd add the Naim UnitiQute.....30 watts, but can do wonders with the right speakers...

good luck, and stay out of trouble...
Several very good DACs have sufficient gain and quality of volume control, along with impedance profiles to interface with amplifiers directly, precluding the need for a preamp. If you don't need extra source connectivity, consider a good amplifier and DAC combination. The Bel Cantos you mention are a good example. They become very cost-efficient when you eliminate the pre-amp.
Tact M2150 or S2150 ... true bargains on the used market. There is also a newer, smaller veriosn of the Tact but I am not sure of the model #

Thanks everybody! Some suggestions I'd not thought of.

I like the suggestion of powered monitors, but I have the speakers I'll likely use.

Sadly, the Music Hall Mambo does not do USB, because one came up today at a nice price, and I'd have grabbed it.

John, lack of a USB port generally isn't much of a problem. There are plenty of USB to S/PDIF converters out there. I use the Hagerman HagUsb (or something like that) in my office system, which uses the Mambo. I also have a Squeezebox in the office that connects via coax digital input, but the computer connects USB --> Hagerman adapter --> Toslink connection. That way I can listen to either the Squeezebox or directly from the computer, my choice.

The USB to S/PDIF adapters are inexpensive and, at least in my experience, work great. I can't tell the difference between hooking my Mac's mini-Toslink port to the Toslink input of the Mambo vs USB to Toslink. In fact, it makes a better connection as the connector is never falling out like it did with the mini-Toslink port.

Sandstone, you mention "Several very good DACs with sufficient..." that can substitute for preamps. Can you list a few of those out or point me to thread that does.

(my personal budget would be Less than $750 but I don't want to totaly hijack this thread ;)

DAC's with volume controls that I know of:

Emotiva XDA-1
YBA Design WD202
Benchmark DAC1 PRE
Tact 2.2 XP (more than a DAC w/VC)
Bel Canto 3.5
Bel Canto 2.5
Peachtree Audio Nova & iNova
Peachtree Audio Decco & iDecco
Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC
Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 and DAC-1
Burson HA-160 & 160D

Hope this helps.