Best Transport with Museatex Bitstream DAC

I am looking for advice on what transport works best with the Museatex Bitstream DAC. Please, I am not looking for transport advice but simply advice from users of this DAC who have had some experience with various transports. Also, if you have a digital cable preference with a particular combination, please post that information also.

Happy Listening.
The biggest bang for the buck transport I had was the Theta Data II (big freakin laser disc) transport. I took it to a buddy's for him to hear and he begged me to buy it. So I sold it to him. It was the most regretful sale I ever made.
Then I happened upon an EAD T-8000. This is the big brother to the 7000. The 7000 is on par with the Theta. The 8000 is a very nice step ahead in transparency. I have two T-8000's now. One on my bidat and one on my bitstream. I would have to spend some serious cash to better them.
Hi Bigkidz,

Has your Bitstream been upgraded?

I have a Bitstream that John Wright did the complete upgrade along w/ extra power supply mods in July of last year. Obviously, a fantastic dac. JW also highly recommended the Theta ransports from the Pearl up as a great match.

I use a Moray James digital IC to connect it to a Museatex CD-D transport - a perfect match. JW fine tunes his upgrades using the Moray James cables. He considers it to be the best.
I have two bistreams now, one was just modified and I am letting it break in. Will compare them this weekend.
I just purchased a Museatex Bitstream DAC .Seems like you have two and one has been modified by John Wright. I haven't received it yet and it should be here next week....nice Christmas gift must say! It is unmodified and maybe this will be enough for me I am not sure until I play with it a little. I understand John uses Black Gates. Are there any other caps that John uses? As you can tell I am excited. I have over 3000 discs and I want to get the best out of them . I tried on a few other occasions to purchase a Museatex and the units were SOLD before I could buy them . Really I feel like I hit the Lotto jackpot. Thanks!!!!!!!

I have both a Bitstream and a Bidat DAC, both modified my John. I strongly suggest that you send it off to John and have him work his magic on it. His modifications and improvements get better every year. You will be very happy!
The Wright mods are a must. I've owned both the bitstream and the bidat and the mods put both units in world-class territory. I also second the Moray James digital interconnect recommendation. I think the cable is equal to the mods because moray's design is part of the mod process.

I have used a CEC belt transport with the bitstream to very good effect.
I have a Bitstream tha was updated by John several years ago and will be receiving another Bitream Data II that was just updated by John so I will be able to hear the differences between them. Lucky me? I tired an older Morey James digital cable but never felt it was that big a deal and sold it to a buddy of mine so I have access to it any time I want. I am not sure what year or model it was so maybe the newer versions are better. Anyone want to send me one to hear?

I used to use a CEC TL-2X as a transport and it worked very well together. I use an APL HiFi modified Sony X707ES now. Both do something the other cannot do. The CEC more relaxed sounding while the Sony is more dynamic. Preferences.

Happy Listening.
I have used two Museatex Bitstream DAC's in the last 6 years. I use to also use John's personal Museatex transport which he heavily modified and sold after he was disposing of most of his setup. Like others I used a Moray James Cable which was light years ahead of anything I had used prior and in direct A/B comparisons to other expensive cables. My current DAC was built from the ground up and I received it around April of 2010.

Having said all of this tonight I sent John a lengthy email on results I've had using an Apple TV and streaming music ripped on my laptop using iTunes in WAV format. He was curious as was I. Not only is this entire setup the best from a pure perspective of accessing music but as I reported in my findings to John I believe what I'm hearing is better then any other transport I've used and I haven't even begun to fool around with higher quality glass based fibre cables.
I know some will see this as heresey and I don't want to start a " do power cords work" debate, but I and several other Bidat and bitstream users feel that Shunyata power cords or an equally serious brand enable these units to perform at a much higher level. Most digital designers will agree that power has a huge effect on digital gear. FWIW.
Agree with Vhiner, I sold him my Bitstream in which I installed a Gold Furutech IEC inlet using a Shunyata King Cobra PC and it sounded off the charts.
After some extensive listening, I have to post here that I think the PS Audio Perfect Wave transport is the best transport I've ever heard with a Bitstream or Bidat. I could detect no jitter and it's more liquid and analog-sounding than anything I've encountered. I've not read one negative post or review about this transport's performance. So, I bought one.

Some of the used prices I've seen for them are truly a steal. CD's ain't dead yet and probably won't ever be, IMHO.