Best USB CABLE UNDER $1000. Serious answers only?

Looking for an USB CABLE SOULUTIONS 540 and MELCO server
I have enjoyed the Clarity Cable Supernatural USB for quite some time. It has bested about 15 others, in direct comparison. Most robust USB I have heard in my rig. 

I have done reviews of Clarity Cable for 

@calvinj Much of this needs to be driven by system synergy and personal preferences and goals. Which means you will need to figure it out for yourself.

My recommendation is limited by my personal comparisons with approximately 8 USB cables (under 1K). Given that set, I suggest considering Stealth Audio ($850 new, much less used).

However, the over 1K USB cable options deliver much more. If you can stretch your budget and score a deal, I highly recommend a used previous gen SR Galileo USB cable.

Also, look for Chord out of the U.K. (not the DAC company).

All the best.
@douglas_schroeder yes I love clarity cable. I use them as interconnects and the vortex power cords in my DAC system. They aren’t making any currently so it was my first choice as a usb. I’m going to be showing with them post pandemic next year. Hopefully. Clarity makes great stuff. 
You might also consider Final Touch Audio's Callisto USB cable.  The Lampizator NA folks are importing it, and it is under $1k.  I tried mine on audition before buying, and it really upped the game on my Lampi Pacific.  Has for several others with other systems.
@david_ten definitely understand the soulutions player is a little different animal.  I like the kimber 2436 but it’s not long enough unfortunately I’m going to try to make it work. But the cable must have transparency and great detail.  The soulutions 540  throws a huge soundstage in every direction.  It was my dream source because I heard it years ago and was amazed by it! 
Ok fellas I switched the rack around.  I have the kimber Ks 2436 usb.  0.5m. On there.  I took the audioquest carbon off. It opened  everything up. System is humming.  Melco N1A. I THINK I HAVE A WINNER NOW!