Best Used Record Shops- Phoenix Area

Best Used Record Shops- Phoenix Area. Your suggestions appreciated.
Check out this sale this weekend

Hi Everyone,

I will be having my record sale this weekend Friday and Saturday the 13th and 14th of November... I will start at about 9:00 AM.. There will be about 2 more boxes

of new old vinyl and more used CDs... I also have some lightly used stereo equipment, turntables, CD players, tape players, receivers and speakers...

Address is: 14011 N. 46th Street. We are in the Tatum Thunderbird area.

Any questions call @ 602-992-3133. Hope to see you all.

This gentleman has some very good records at reasonable prices.
Definitely Revolver Records on 3rd Street and Roosevelt. Another good one is Tracks in Wax on Central just south of Camelback Road.
You will have good hunting at the thrift shops. I bought a lot of really nice albums that way in Phoenix.

but try revolver and stinkweeds
I was in Phoenix a few months back and went through most of the stores there.Not sure how much time,transportation,or what your interests are, but i can tell you that you will waste a lot of that time and gas going over some pretty ugly and overpriced records.The one exception is Revolver records,they have a very nice store and the prices are fair and the condition tends to be on the better side.I found tons of good Classical records at 2 and 3 bucks each.Some unusual Jazz records very cheap.They have a good Rock section with some sleepers that you don't see everyday.In fact the lay out of the store and the care they have taken makes this one of the better record stores in the U.S.
They even have a buy 10 get one free card.The owners are very nice and friendly with no attitude.I went there twice and bought lots of records and could have bought more.
This is a new location,so make sure you call first and get directions.Going over my notes from that trip i believe that Tracks in Wax might also be worth a look,prices a little on the high side.Some decent Jazz.
A big part of record hunting is luck,hitting the store when they have bought a collection,talking to the people about things they might not yet have priced and trying to establish a rapport to negotiate prices.If you post your musical interests i might better comment on some of the other stores.Have fun!
Stinkweeds Record Exchange is a great place to shop - various locations throughout Phoenix. Local owner, very involved in the community, great selection and prices are mostly reasonable. Check them out!
btw, Dan over at AZ Tube Audio in Tempe stocks a lot of Audiophile vinyl.
If you can go down to Tucson, PDQ has always been a great store (520) 881-2681
If you go down to Tucson look for the big building advertising "stun guns" for sale.I kid you not.When you walk in you are awestruck by the immensity of the stock.This is one of the largest record stores anywhere. When you start looking you think you were hit by one of those stun guns,now i know where old records go to die.Price vs. condition vs. whatever,these records are all seriously overpriced and look like they have been sitting in the bins forever,serious bin fatigue.I browsed the entire Jazz section-thousands of records and did not find ONE record! The Classical section is huge,and most records fairly priced elsewhere at a few dollars would be 3 to 4 times that.One thing these record dealers missed is condition determines value and a beat up record is worthless at almost any price,unless it is extremely rare.I did buy one amazing Russian Melodiya the clerk was playing in the store,and the surrounding desert is stunning -some kind of cactus national park that leads to an animal sanctuary.Now that is worth the trip.I was warned off Stinkweeds for used records and did not make it to AZ tube audio,but will on my next visit and i will drive that hour to visit the desert in Tucson,but PDQ is a graveyard!
Thanks for the suggestions- I am going on a hunt tomorrow for vinyl with my wife for my birthday fun!
Thanks for all your suggestions I ended up going to Revolver Records and spending the day there. Bought 25 or so Lp's and was really pleased with the price, selection, and quality of what I bought. I'll be back! Thanks again all!