Best Value/Performance In An SACD Player For $2k, Or Less, Used?

As the title says I have been debating what the best options in players are for strictly playing SACD's. 

I had been considering a used Sony 5400, but those are now over ten years old, and Sony players of that, and a bit earlier period, are notorious for lasers failing. 

Any expertise, insight, recommendations or suggestions appreciated. Thanks. 


I got a lightly used Marantz SA-KI Ruby for just a bit over your ceiling, and thrilled. Goal was my end game shiny disc spinner, and also functioning as a very good DAC.



There has never been a better time to invest in a SACD player. If you have a fave brand, go for it!  Otherwise, look for Models with low miles so to speak. I own several in my collection which can be viewed in Virtual Systems.

Happy Listening!

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My old dealer would not sell used laser players. Can't be sure the laser would last. I know I had a used Elite player I got cheap, but I only got a couple of years out of it. 

My Sony XA5400 ES is tied with one or two other pieces as the best audiophile gear investment I have made in 20+ years. Mine is about 8 years old and going strong, but that is with fairly light use. Never heard the claim about early laser failure.

It is outstanding for SACDs, both stereo and multichannel. Added bonus: if you do want to play redbook CDs it has a 4X oversampling filter and beats any CD player I have heard, ever, including at high-end audio shows.

My favorite feature is the ability to send the pure DSD data (as opposed to PCM output) directly to a Marantz pre-pro over HDMI, then decoded within the pre-pro. There are other pre-pros with this ability, you just have to check the specs.

In every demo, whether CD or SACD, people were blown away. Sometimes upset because it sounded better than super high-end players that they had payed thousands of dollars more for, such as Esoteric.

You could probably get a used one from a reputable Audiogon seller for approx. $1200-$1400, then pay a few hundred for laser replacement if it ever happens.

I have been listening to my Sony SCD-1 with Vacuum State Level 5+ mods this week (I am short a DAC for the next few weeks). This unit is incredible with SACD's.

However, my unit's display is mostly dead now. I comes back occasionally. I think I am close to the end of life for this amazing player. 

I would look at a new SACD model as opposed to something like what I have.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts. And, daddy0, your comments were particularly insightful, as I have though about picking up an XA5400 ES for a number of years. Per your recommendation, I was able to grab one in mint condition, having only been used to play a maximum of 20 cds/sacd't, total in it's time with the old owner. Even better, I picked it up for $920.00 plus shipping. 

Very eager to receive it, and fire it up in my system. I'm not even sure the unit qualifies as having been broken in yet! 

It would appear I spoke too soon. The seller just refunded me my payment due to the unit having been stolen from his car. This is extremely disheartening. Trying to find one of these lightly used is beyond extremely difficult. And if they have been regularly used, given how old these units are, they simply aren't worth this kind of money. 

And honestly, I've found no other real alternative in my price range compared to the 5400. :(

That's a bummer for both you and the seller.  Take a look at the Marantz SACD spinners.  There are 3 or 4 listed here under your budget.  I have the KI-Pearl and like it a lot.

For a more modern unit, I can highly recommend the Yamaha CD-S2100, which will often pop up on the used market for less than $2K. The transport is very sturdy and stable, and the built-in DAC is very musical. It can even allow for other digital sources to be connected to its internal DAC.

Marantz makes good units as well, per big_greg’s suggestion. 

Marantz Ruby sacd player or Safe and Sound they might have it, On sacd player the newer the better.Dont buy sacd, CD player, transport more than ten years old, less than 2 yrs Maybe is ok.

In a perfect world, the Marantz Ruby SACD would be my choice, but they tend to sell, in less than ideal condition, for nearly my max price.