Best way to clean Piano Gloss

High maintenance!..What is the best way to clean, and dust them without scratching them?...

Swiffer Duster?..
Cory Piano High Gloss finish?..
Car wax?

Input please?.....
well, you should contact the manufacturer first, but i use car wax and a microfiber cloth on my von schweikert dB99 speakers.
There is a synthetic product on the market called ICE, it is made by Turtle Wax and is truly the best thing that I have found. You spray it on then wipe with a good quality micro fiber cloth, it leaves no residue or swirls.
You have got good advice from above men.You want to apply a layer on the clearcoat so when you wipe down/off your not scratching it.Your scratching the top layer of wax/whatever you choose off.No big deal.What is a big deal is scratching the clearcoat,now you are F---ed unless your into finishes which your not.You will be fine apply 2-3 coats,build it up thinly....
Electric guitar polish and a good lint free polishing cloth. Check your local Guitar Center or Sam Ash store.
Well I have the same type of finish on my JM Labs utopia speakers. The best that I have found is Zaino Bros. show car polish (for clear coated finishes). It is available by mail order only to the best of my knowledge. An 8 oz. bottle will last for several years. It leaves zero residue and is the best polish I have found. I use the micro fiber cloths that are used on plastic eye glasses. I found a large size one at Target in the automotive section. It's a very fine micro fiber cloth and does not leave any swirl marks. Some of the micro fiber cloths are too coarse in my opinion.
Zaino Bros are excellent products, it is a polymer product and very easy to use - I use dftowel products - check 'em out and for Zaino - Good Luck! Happy Polishing
I use a product called Plexus. Works well on any acrylic finish, aluminum and other finishes. I use it on my Focal Utopias as well as all my gear. Great for TT covers. Use a microfiber sloth as well.
Here's a 2nd recommendation for Plexus. Originally intended for motorcycle plexiglass surfaces, it does a bang-up job on clearcoat and plastic surfaces. Most local motorcycle stores will carry it. About $10 for an aerosol can that should last you a couple years.

Plexus & a lint free colth works the best. No wax build up, clean & clear with no streaks.
How about the chamois cloth that is lint free at Target?...I saw that vs the really fine microfiber polishing cloth, and some 100% cotton baby diapers cloth too.

Of the three, which ones do you think would attracts more dust and scratch free.

Plexus vs Zaino?...any preference?