Better hearing

Seems my hearing has unproved. more dynamic, richer, more bass. same system for the last 10 years.


speaker - RBH 1266-s but not the better ones.

Amp Marantz PM 7001

Any ideas ?

















The bones broth of a cutted hunter with acute hearing is very good for improving our own hearing said my shaman adviser...😉

I just bought these eardrops for ringing ears at Rite Aid... I had a situation where a home alarm went off while I was trying to put in the (wrong) code .. like 140db high pitched noise at point blank for 2 minutes .. my ears hurt and were ringing for a while so I stopped by Rite aid and they have this natural organic ear drop stuff for ringing ears and it felt great, like moisturizer for your ear drums... I have been putting it in occasionally ever since, seems like the ears like it

Hmmm.....spouse bought a product called Calm Ear.....good for itching and general annoyance from aid wearing, but no panacea for loss....

She's also been taking an OTC that purports to improve. but I can misinterpret what she's 'on about' anyway, anyhow....😏

(If this is set-up for a 'vitamin hype'...we will find you and hummm off-key a lot. 🤨)

If 'adult distractions' are involved....all claims are subject to scrutiny....and queries as to source....*sigh*  Obviously, better than mine...