Better hearing

Seems my hearing has unproved. more dynamic, richer, more bass. same system for the last 10 years.


speaker - RBH 1266-s but not the better ones.

Amp Marantz PM 7001

Any ideas ?

















Low fat diet, NO ALCOHOL, no tobacco, wear hear protection when grass mowing and weed whacking, reasonable listening level, better speakers, etc.

BTW, in "unproved" a play on word or a fat finger for "improved"?

@dweller  what about hunting? I get extremely TIRED wearing ear-muffs and I like the sound of my side-by-side shotgun. Also FAT chicken or beef bone broth is good even if it's fat.

The bones broth of a cutted hunter with acute hearing is very good for improving our own hearing said my shaman adviser...😉

I just bought these eardrops for ringing ears at Rite Aid... I had a situation where a home alarm went off while I was trying to put in the (wrong) code .. like 140db high pitched noise at point blank for 2 minutes .. my ears hurt and were ringing for a while so I stopped by Rite aid and they have this natural organic ear drop stuff for ringing ears and it felt great, like moisturizer for your ear drums... I have been putting it in occasionally ever since, seems like the ears like it

Hmmm.....spouse bought a product called Calm Ear.....good for itching and general annoyance from aid wearing, but no panacea for loss....

She's also been taking an OTC that purports to improve. but I can misinterpret what she's 'on about' anyway, anyhow....😏

(If this is set-up for a 'vitamin hype'...we will find you and hummm off-key a lot. 🤨)

If 'adult distractions' are involved....all claims are subject to scrutiny....and queries as to source....*sigh*  Obviously, better than mine...

I’m a clay shooter. When I shot pistol at indoor ranges, I’d double up with both earplugs and shooter muffs. I used to ride motorbikes for 35-40 years as well... Again, ear plugs always. I don’t like loud television or the radio too loud in the car. Wear noise cancelling earbuds when I mow, even though I have an electric mower. Sometimes I’ll even wear earplugs at night. And I keep my ears clean.

I’m sure at 66 I’ve lost some range but I can still hear things pretty well and often before those around me. I take my hearing protection VERY seriously. Even with all that I do have some minor tinnitus. I attribute it to my fondness for good wine. 😋

All this to say, take care of your sense organs! Don’t abuse your hearing or your eyes!

Happy listening. (And hearing!)

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@czarivey -

     Something to consider for hunting:,hand%20or%20your%20ear.

      They enhance soft sounds by 6dB and cut the loud by 15dB.

       I wore the following for decades at the range.

       Never anything in the woods or jungle.

       Too much depends on hearing acuity/perception (distance, direction, size, etc.), in either scenario, in my experience*

                            *freezer's always full / I'm still alive

I am not sure if hearing ability has something to do with an unnatural sound. All hi-fi audio sounds are the unnatural sound. Since I made my audio system and computer speakers the natural sound, my tinnitus don't bother me anymore while I can still hear soft high freq tinnitus sounds. I don't know if my hearing is better with the natural sound, but my ears are certainly easier and calmer. May be you can test your hearing with the natural and unnatural sounds in videos below. Alex/Wavetouch   Killing me softly - (Natural vs. Un-natural sound), PA speaker comparison. Female voice    

Classic music - (Natural vs. Un-natural sound), PA speaker comparison