Better then Proceed CDD and AN DAC1.1x?

I have a Proceed CDD and a Audio Note 1.1x I am considering to sell to purchase a single box CD player with balanced outs. The Audio Aero Prima 24/192 looks nice, but would it sound better? I do not want a CD player that has a volume control even if it can be defeated. I only play readbook cd's. I have a Karan KAi180 integrated amp and Merlin VSM-M speakers. I prefer a single box player with balanced outputs and no attenuation adjustment option on those outputs.
Hi there, sorry to hear you're selling the Proceed, I hope it's served you well (I sold it to you). Currently I've been considering the Benchmark DAC1 that is all the rave. If the Proceed is still ticking, you may want to give this a try as it does have balanced outputs and input. You could run an AES/EBU from the proceed to the Benchmark and then balanced outs to the preamp. Just a thought, and it could save a lot of money over the Audio Aero. Probably doesn't look as nice, but they say the sound is world class and it is quite versatile as it can be used direct if you preamp ever goes on the fritz. Cheers.
The Proceed has worked great! It sounds much better then my Cal Delta. I am not sold on the Audio Aero. I have seen some good reviews. The Stello DA220 sounds like a good dac to try also as well as the Benchmark, but I don't know if it will be a step backwards from my Audio Note DAC1.1x. It is a great sounding DAC. According to Audio Note the DAC1.1x is better then the One.1x and the DAC1.1x Kit. Peter stated it was closer to the DAC2.1X. What I have now works very nice, but something is itching me to change. I am doing some research by asking questions before I sell what I have and purchase something else.
No, is is more conventional looking with a thin machined tray and a round display. It is known to sound like some of the more expensive Levinson transports with the ani-jitter circuit.

Can highly recommend the MLevinson 37 in place of the Proceed CDD.I have a ML 37 and before that had a Proceed CDD.I use a 36s with the 37.Ml 37 and the Benchmark DAC should work really well.Think this combination would rather be at the level of the Capitole than the Primo.


Much better in all regards.Hugh sound stage,more natural sounding,better detail retrieval.In a nutshell it is better.The 37 and the Proceed DAP also sounded good,36s slightly better.The Drive made the largest improvement.
Good Luck