Biamping with Linn LK85 and LK140 - any problem?

I have scavenged around and will shortly have a Linn LK85 and an LK140. I plan to biamp passively using the higher powered amp for treble (as is generally advised). Speakers are Tukans, pre is a Kairn. I can't afford to upgrade the 85 to a 140, but am thinking of going active. Is there any problem using differently powered amps, or anything I should be aware of?

Also, has anyone listened to the LK140? I'd very much appreciate any feedback.

There should be no problem but I just wonder what the logic is behind using the higher power amp on the tweeters because bass is far more demanding for an amplifier and that would usually dictate where the power should go.
Contrary to common practice, LINN advises the LK140 to be used for the treble. Their logic and credo is, do what sounds best.

The LK140 is a better sounding amp, and so they would have it placed where most of the information heard is.

In a further vein, they recommend 2 LK140s over 3 LK85s, aktiv or passive.

140s are slightly better overall sonically, with more ease thanks to their deeper reserves.
Passive the LK85 will deliver roughly 85 watts to the bass as it is, or 66 aktiv- fairly sufficient for Tukans.
Always put your best amplifier on the treble ... and the LK140 is a killer amplifier with the best music/price value. I use 2 LK140 in passive with K400 cable, with the AV5103 and IKEMI. Personally I do prefer 2 LK140's to one KLOUT.
Dear KDL,
Go Aktiv as quick as you can. Use only LINN K400 for the biwire. I have tried many others and they do not match/perform as LINN's own. It is a perfect match. My HT system is (5) AKTIV LK85's to (4)Tukans/(1)Trikan with a REL StormIII. It sounds great! If you need a 6' pair, I've got some left over...drop me a line.
Enjoy the music!
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I #3 for the LK140 on the treble. It is correct in this format when Aktiv.
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