Biggest "bang for the buck" audio gear you have owned(in your history)?

This is very subjective, and your opinion on your own systems/items is all that really counts.

From the beginning to now, these would fit that category for me: (in no order)

Original Large Advents
Dahlquist DQ-10
Conrad Johnson ART pre.
Original Monster interconnects and speaker wires.
Nakamichi SR-3a
AR Turntable
Audio Research LS-12
Magnepan 1.6
Magnepan 20
Wireworld Gold Eclipse III
Audio Technica Electret Condenser headphones 
Magnum Dynalab Etude and 108 tuners
Magnum Dynalab Receiver (original)
And in those "early days" special pressings and imported Jazz albums. 

There may be others I am forgetting, but these were very good items along my journey. 


Dyna 70 - $150

A pair of Dyna MK IIIs - $200

Altec Lansing 604Cs - $1500 pair

I still use the Altecs, 43 years.
The Dynas are back up for my Futtermans.

DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core room correction unit with additional digital equalization if/as required. For about $850 it was/is a game changer, removing all bass issues from the room and taming a few 'hot-spots' on the frequency spectrum.

I believe once one hears a properly (flat) equalized speaker in a room one will not want to 'bypass' the unit to hear the garbage it removed. Night and Day.  Some eschew this correction; I say enjoy your lumpy bass. My unit will never go back.

Odyssey Audio Kismet stereo amplifier recently replaced a good-sounding W4S STI-1000 integrated. I dropped from 570w to 160w (8 ohm) and the sound of my system was bettered so audibly as to be laughable. Increased pure tonal density, air/bloom, still more clarity, deeper bass, and greater micro-dynamics. I have never been happier with a used audio purchase, ever. Pure dumb luck (research).

I'm going to say my least expensive component,  my Sutherland KC Vibe phono stage makes me think what a great value it is every time I play a record.   It kicks a$$ for the money.    Dead quiet and sounds fantastic.    Textbook example of trickle down that doesn't sound entry level at all.

I haven’t had much luck with finding great deals on speakers or DACs yet. I’m wondering how you guys are able find good discounts and prices? Are there good prices found here on Audiogon?

The best deals I’ve gotten have been on little novelty items like this Heathkit morse code oscillator that I got on eBay for practically nothing. It’s definitely just a trinket, but I’ve been able to do some interesting things with it.