Bill Legall-MillerSound speaker driver repair

I just wanted to share a wonderful experience I had with Bill Legall from Millersound with everyone.

I had purchased a pair of pretty rare, no longer made, (the company is gone) full range, single driver speakers from a guy and knew going in that he had damaged one of the drivers by hooking up an amp that was emitting a little bit of DC in one channel. Needless to say, it completely froze the driver solid.

I was told that these weren’t repairable and were really designed to be replaced and not repaired. Enter Bill and Millersound. I told him what happened and he said he could surely fix it, but it might not a “perfectionist” job because of the custom nature of the driver. I told him that knowing his reputation, they would probably be as close to perfect as possible.

Well, I just got the driver back and I was wrong. This thing IS PERFECT! I mean you can’t tell it from the other original driver and it sounds SUPERB!!

I, (along with several others) have recommended Bill many times here on this forum, but I have never needed his services, until now. Man, am I glad I took my own advice. If anyone needs a speaker repaired I give Bill and Millersound my highest recommendation.

He has my business forever…
I hunted down a vintage Pioneer SX-1250 in perfect condition out in Chicago, did a 25 hour marathon road trip, got that beast home and dusted off the old speakers...and promptly blew them up.

Thanks for the chuckle.  I remember those days...oh the 70's :-)

Thanks also for the wonderful story of Bill & Loretta.  They are indeed terrific people!
I wanted to add to this thread that Bill just restored a pair of Advent Loudspeakers for me, and they sound incredible. I am so lucky that I live 45 minutes from Millersound, and I am honored that this legend agreed to work on my speakers after I contacted him for the very first time and we chatted over the phone for a few minutes. Not only did he perform an audio miracle, he made some additional improvements free of charge just because he loves what he does and he is an awesome person. Count me among the legion of admirers who will tell you that Bill is THE BEST, and that you are one lucky music fan if you are fortunate enough to have Bill work on your gear.
I don’t want to discount brettmcee’s experience, but I think it is cowardly and manipulative of him/her to try to shame Bill by printing Bill's final exasperated email while glossing over his/her own "mildly emotional" emails, which no doubt set the tone for the exchange that followed.

I think that Millersound needs to hear a lecture from brettmcee about their business practices even less than brettmcee needs to hear a lecture from me about his/her people skills.
I will add my comments as well - I have worked with BL for a long time.  His policies are his policies.  He goes out of his way to help people and is usually so busy that he has little time for emails and calls.

I have been doing audio repair work for some time now.  My contact info was on the Counterpoint Website before Mike took it down.  I asked Mike why he stopped offering repair work and he told me that 95% of his time was answering questions.  Years later, I feel the same way.  I must receive 10 emails each day on repair work.  Multiply that by responding to those ten as follow-ups and the new ones I receive.  Almost leaves me with little time to do the work.  Get the idea?

Bill is a short and to the point person. Him and his wife are awesome people.

If you had and issue then just state what is needed and work it out.  But as a business person I know that no matter how hard you try some people only want things their way.

Happy Listening.

Wanted to give another big shout out to Bill!  I needed his services once again and once again he proved why he is indeed "A National Treasure".

I seem to have a propensity to find small monitor speakers that are no longer made and can't be repaired, (like Olaf FROZEN :-) ).  Well, not if you have Bill in your corner!  He more or less rebuilt the whole damn driver.  Just received it back and it is PERFECT.

Super fast turnaround and prices that are more than reasonable.  If he ever retires, we're screwed.

These were pretty expensive speakers and they once again sound like new...thanks to Bill.