Blackburn Micro Tech Tubes no longer?

I just read this online. I sure hope someone buys the TechTube division. The new tubes are pretty nice:
Ha -- I ordered a quad yesterday morning and that evening, I found out they locked the doors. I wonder if I'll get the tubes (??). The order states pending. I ordered via CC, so if they don't show up in a few weeks, I should be able to dispute the order.

Darn, I heard they would give NOS Telefunkens a run for their money, tested fantastic in a Hickock 539C, run cooler than a similair 12AX7, and were very quiet (this all from someone who purchased a pair & represents a major US audio company -- their lab has a few they have set aside for testing).
The order site is still up and they show them as being in stock. Hopefully they will still fulfill orders until the stock is depleted.
Hoysauce, yes, TechTubes has been shipping for a couple of months now. The only tube they have currently is the E813CC, (12AX7). I bought (4) when they first launched. They are VERY nice. The 12AU7 was due next this autumn, then the 12AT7 was due this winter, but who knows now...
It's a shame with the Valve Amp firmly back in fashion world wide & many companys making them as fast as they can, that a
forward thinking buyer did not jump in with some cash or maybe the Government could have helped out.
However this is England & fingers have benn burnt too many
times I guess.
I think they started with the wrong tubes, the KT88 & EL34 is where the money is, people will pay out for those, but to expect people to pay £40 ($60) for a 12AX7 of an unknown
type, well they must have been on something!
However a Very Sad Day...............