Blue circle V audionote

Both companies produce amplifiers which I understand are both extremely musical and very natural sounding. Blue circles are hybrids and audionotes single ended valves. Naim has great pace and drive but can sound a little forced and over energetic to be considered natural sounding. Jadis also extremely musical but apparently has a colouration that prohibits it from entering this class. Sugden 21a, Triangle TE60SE, musical fidelity A1000, are also supposedly very goodmusically but still do not quite have the 'inner illumination'that valve products have. Conrad johnson, manley, music reference, Lamm, CAT, are also very good but apparently fall in one area or another. Krells and Mark Levinsons and their like are just too 'solid state in sound.'

Can anyone please refute or confirm any of the above observations. I do not want to hear from those of you who are yet to FULLY comprehend, accept and embrace the concept of musicallity, emotionally connecting with the music, foot tapping etc. That includes everyone whose priority is to achieve great soundstaging, presence, deep powerful bass and detail.
Regarding Blue Circle vs. Audio Note, you might want to ask Bob Neill at Amherst Audio as he sells both.

Another amp to consider that has the traits you find important is the Red Wine Audio Signature 30.
now now lets try and be a bit more level headed about this and simply start a discussion with sensible logical explanations and reasonings. Dont let your heart rule your head.
FWIW I have owned an Audio Note SoroSE for a few years now and have yet to put my finger on it's sonic signature. It is a piece of gear in my system that does it's job, that is, to be non-existant and invisible to my ears. A very good amplifier with a robust 18 watts and a steal for what they sell for - $1500 or so. pretty much threw every classic brand under the buss. i take it that the whole tube and ss thing has you preoccupied. Just buy something and enjoy all starts with speakers.
now now jaybo, I am only trying to build up a discussion not controversy, are you afraid to discuss any of the above observations. Thats all they are. Why not put your pennys worth I would be very interested to hear your views.
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