Bluesound node 2i wifi vs bluetooth connections sound quality


Wondering if anyone has done a comparison of sound quality on the Bluesound Node 2i between wifi vs bluetooth connections?  Is wifi definitely better?  Currently using Bluetooth aptx-hd to my Topping DAC.  Getting a new DAC w/o built-in bluetooth so debating whether to spring for a Bluesound Node 2i or just a bluetooth receiver (like BluDento) for a lot less and wondering generally how big of an improvement it is using wifi.

This is like asking, is Burger King better than McDonald’s.

Upgrade to Node 2i or any other streamer if you plan on using a wired Ethernet connection.
One reviewers video, Johnny Darko, said that wifi sounded better than wired ethernet on the bluesound node 2i for him.  So must be at least close depending on setup or wifi stability.

Both ethernet and wifi should be lossles vs bluetooth which is lossy, but seems bluetooth has come a long way, especially with aptx-hd version.  That's why I'm asking if anyone has done a comparison.
I have a Node 2i and use it with WiFi 98% of the time.
I use the BT connection when there is a Comcast outage about 2-3 times per year.

seems fine. No complaints.
There is no comparison when it comes to bluetooth vs wifi. Shouldn't even be an issue to be discussed, that's how bad bluetooth is.

BTW, if you get the Node, do all you can to run it via wired ethernet. The sound is clearly better.


Bluetooth was never made for music, neither was wi-fi really, but the bandwidth is much greater with wi-fi. 

@ozzy62 is spot on.

I had the Node 2i.  The Bluetooth sucked compared to the wired or WiFi.

To be fair, I haven’t heard the latest Bluetooth codec.  The 2i, however used an older lousy codec.  Not sure what the NodeX does for Bluetooth