Bluesound Node help

I purchased a nice current model node here a while back with HDMI input on it. I have Sony TV only two years old with ARC and also eARC on it for the HDMI. I can not figure it out, wont work when I use it. I get good sound with another DAC using toslink from the Sony but nothing with the Node. In fact, I am struggling a lot with the Node. I can not get it to do what it does best and work flawlessly with my phone. I installed the app but it does not always sync or turn on at all. I can only use the bluetooth to get it to work. Is there a website or manual or help out there. I may have to just sell it. Is nice unit and has potential I just know it. Can someone help? 


Bluesound has a web site with a support section.  The web site also has a community forum where you can post questions and their tech people monitor it. 

Bluesound Support

You can also initiate a support request through the BluOS app.



I believe your node uses the same optical input as my Vault.    You need a Toslink to mini Toslink adapter.   It uses what is a combo analog / digital jack for its input. 

Then you just have to go in the menu to activate it as a digital input.  

Go to Customize Sources under Settings.  Choose Player , then Customize Sources

Tell it you have a digital input and it should work 

The Node and your phone or Tablet need to be on the same network.  If you are using a WiFi repeater make sure they are both on the same network 

I will get working on it and order the adapter. It looks like the website support will be a big help. It sure is not like hooking up old fashioned receivers and all analogue components which I am used to doing. Thank you!

Fwiw I used to own Bluesound and found its operation to frequently be counterintuitive.  My Cambridge Audio streamer is much easier to use 

Bluesound is one of the few streaming product companies that fully support the product. I have had dealings with them on different connectivity questions and have always got the correct answer and issues solved. It’s not always plug and play, because frankly it does so much.

I think the ARC from your tv should provide the best sound input to your node, but toslink optical should also work.

I also struggled with the Bluesound  app.

I now listen to tv etc with toslink direct to my DAC and 2 channel rig.  It sounds better than my old surround system.