Bluetooth receivers

I am considering a bluetooth receiver, either a Musical Fidelity V90-BLU or Audioengine B1. Any thoughts on these units? I am going to use it primarily for internet radio and Spotify free. At this point I do not have a stand alone DAC nor am I in the market for one. It is my understanding both of these units have a DAC in them which would need to be good enough for now. Maybe I will invest in a better DAC in the future.
I assume each of them has a dac. Streaming from the internet via bluetooth is a new thing to me. Both of the units referred to in my post are economically priced. My question is are there any sonic differences between the two? Or, at this price and with bluetooth technology, is that even a big concern?

I can't speak for the Musical Fidelity.  I had purchased the Audioengine on a lark, mainly so that I could play the occasional file from my phone or so that my kids could stream when they came over.  It resides in my main floor HT system.
   Last Spring I had bypass surgery and had to live downstairs for a couple of weeks post op.  My main source of music was streaming from my phone to the Audioengine during that time and it worked very well.  The mp 3 files sounded much better than I would have thought.
  I've since added Bluesound to my house so now I can stream my whole collection in better resolution than MP3 around the house.  The BT on the Bluesound sounds the same to me as the Audioengine, if that helps.
Maybe this post isn't too late to help - I also own the Audioengine B1, GREAT little device.   Has a fine dac inside, works beautifully, trouble-free.   I started a thread about it last year, how you could add a B1 to any integrated amp (even an old one), any pair of speakers, and be finished.  You could then stream 25 million songs from your iPhone/iPad, wirelessly from your couch, to the B1 which feeds the integrated + speakers and have a lifetime of music at your fingertips with a very simple system and very few components.  It wouldn't be high-resolution, or pass "audiophile" muster (I say that with a touch of humor), but if you love to spend time listening to 70s glam-rock, or 80s hair-metal, or just filling a room with music for social events, who cares.   Just the fact that all you need, to get all the music on Spotify off of your iPhone and playing through any old stereo through any old speakers, is a $180 Bluetooth receiver like the B1 is really cool and really uncomplicated.   
I just ordered a Yamaha YBA-11 Bluetooth receiver,  it's about as basic as you can get......single coax output , powered by a USB jack, push button pairing.  I'll be using it with my NAD M51 dac.  I'm just looking for a cost effective way to stream from my tablet,  worth a shot for $50.  I'll report back once I play around with it.