Bob Robbins' setup guide

Has anyone gone through the effort of setting up their speakers according to BR's guidance?  And if so, how far from the original speaker position did you end up and what differences did you find as a result?



Hi OP, I’ve attempted this Bob Robbins slash Sumiko method a couple of times and it seems to work pretty well, but what has always eluded me is Robbins’s description of a locked center image between the speakers that doesn’t move regardless of your listening position.

Just recently I’ve taken a stab at achieving this in earnest and am happy that I’ve got my speakers so that the image stays put SOMEWHAT. I’m not getting this religious experience people talk about when the two speakers are perfectly locked with a 26 foot wide soundstage, though it does sound pretty good. At this level a single millimeter of movement on the second speaker makes a difference so more trial and error is needed. 

I’d be curious if anyone else has achieved this perfectly locked center image in their setups? Was it the result of extremely subtle movement and did it deliver an epiphany?

There is no such thing as a "locked center image"which is a sure sign Bob Whatever does not know what an image is or how to listen. There is no end to the BS surrounding this hobby.

@mijostyn Don’t knock it till you try it. The express purpose of this approach is to optimize placement of the speakers you have within the room that you have BEFORE resorting to more expensive if not more BS-y upgrades in the hobby. It costs nothing and is illuminating.

Here’s his RMAF presentation to anyone who might be interested:



I use a type of speaker very few people know what to do with, an 8 foot tall, line source dipole.

Whatever works best for you. 

I have had bob set two sets of speakers for me.  The process works great and I was more than please with his work.  If you can follow the process than give it a try!

That's great @offbrandracing would you be able to describe the setup in greater detail, and your observations related to center image and overall soundstage? Did you end up with heavy toe-in and/or rake on the speakers?

I wouldn’t say heavy toe in in at all but due to my room one speaker has more toe in.  Also i do i have some up tilt.  It was weird to watch as once we got the speakers lock into the room for bass it was just back and forth to create a great center image. Then it was just rake up to create the proper height.  

if you have good ears and memory w each adjustment it is pretty straight forward.  I just get lost in all of the changes so i had the master come in and set mine.  

follow the instructions and take your time.  Things will snap into focus.