Boston's Brad Delp passed away...sad news

Lead singer of Boston,Brad Delp,passed away last night in his New Hampshire home...dont know why, but sad news indeed, he willbe missed.
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Wow, sorry to hear that, their music brings back a lot of smiles. Seems like a long time ago, but then again, like yesterday...



Recently he was fronting a local Boston based band called Beatlejuice which was a Beatles tribute band. Played often in a local bar for me called Sit'N'Bull. They did a great job and indeed he will be sorely missed......
The year was 1979. Me and some buddies were skiing a tiny ski area in Maine called Lost Valley. It was actually this time of year - when the snow was still deep yet the days were warm. This particular day was sunshine/daydream - total blue sky, the skiing was good and there were babes everywhere. We were skiing in sweatshirts (not much fleece back then). The ski area had actually mounted speakers - not PA horns, but speakers on like every other pole of the chair lift - you could hear the music everywhere and it sounded GOOD. They were playing the entire first Boston album this afternoon. We had just packed a fresh bowl and 'Hitch a Ride' came over the speakers. All was well. One of the first times I can distinctly remember telling myself that life was pretty good. I got to thank Brad for being part of the soundtrack to one of my life's great moments (love Tom's solo on this one as well). I remember it as if it were yesterday - corny but priceless. Thanks Brad.
Sad news indeed. His is the immortal voice for one of the best rock albums of all time, the original Boston album. Still wonderful today. He'll be missed, but remembered with fond and nostalgic gratitude.
Hitch a Ride is one of my all time favorite songs to listen to while going nowhere in a car...good memories.
Along with a bottle of Merlot, I am listening to ALL my Boston records on vinyl right now as a memorial to Brad.
R.I.P., My Brother, and know your musical contributions will be much loved for generations to come.
Hi Slothman, Great story, those are the moments that do indeed make a life worth living. Wish I was there that day myself though I do have my own stories. These are the things that are important as we get older. Still "packin" still dreaming....
I have said for years,,, If I had to throw away all my rock albums and could only keep one it would be Boston's 1st album . Hands down !
IMO its the best rock album ever made and has the best rock song ever made on it " More than a feeling"
I'm deeply saddened ....