Brand new silver power cord is bright sounding


I bought this brand new 10awg power cord with silver plating, and I am trying it out with my integrated amp. I noticed that the music is brighter (almost shrill) sounding, but otherwise very good. Could be b/c the cable needs burn in time? I have also read somewhere that cables with silver can sound sound brighter. At this point I don't know if the problem is the particular cable or not.

Have you found specific comments about the cable to help guide you? Many people find burn-in can result in the sound changing...but be careful if you have only a limited time to return it. in my experience, silver does tend to brighten up a cable, all else being equal. Hopefully if designed right, not to the point of being shrill, though as you have seen, some people have said they do not like silver much.

speak with dealer...ask for a burned in demo model perhaps? see if it sound different from your new one?

good luck.
The silver in the cable is exposing a deficiency somewhere else in your music chain.

IMO, silver may be slightly quicker or give the system more transparency (which is a good thing). It typically should be an addition which increases your systems sense of pace, rhythm and timing and increases perceived resolution.

Sometimes this can be confused with increasing levels of "brightness/sibilance.
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I think, it depends on the position from the moon
---> sometimes my silver Power cords give me sonically a touch of orange
earthing, mixed with some purple colored sound staging and a dark
Sometimes I also have a touch of green details with superior blue top End,
linked with a invisible airy medium Frequency area.
I think, the Furutech connectors add that kind of sensitive darkness which helps
me to enjoy the music without wearing sunglasses.
Highly recommended.
Is this a pure silver cable or is it silver'plated' over copper? Either way you may just need more hours of use.I find the good silver cables to be open,transparent and provide natural tonality.Silver is not inherently 'bright'but it is honest IMO.There are copper cables that can sound bright also, depends on which particular cable and in what system.
Silver is quick and known for helping to deliver as much detail as possible. Your experience is not unique. Silver often leads to a sharpening of the sound. However as was said the better conductance of the silver may be exposing some other weakness in you system. Silver does burn in like all cables and will mellow but only very slightly. It may not be a good match for you. I use Silver on sources both PCs and ICs and then use really good copper down the chain to balance the character of the two metals, works great.
i have several silver plated copper powe cords. none are bright. none were bright prior to break in. there are other factors besides wire which determine performance.

as has been suggested, how did your system sound priot to uding this cable.

if you have a bright amp/pre or speakers, try other cords and see if the brightness remains.
Are you using any power conditioning in front of the power cord?

I would address that if needed first from a clean power perspective by trying a power conditioner perhaps for everything except the power amp at first and then see how everything else does from there. IF the power conditioner is beefy enough to deliver enough current to the power amp, then yu might try it with the power amp perhaps as well as an option.
The majority of silver power cords will give you a brighter and sharper sound because the timing is faster with silver cables. Also the silver conductors are thicker so it allows the speed of cable to move fast between the speaker and the amplifier. If you are using tube amplifiers, these type of cords will work very well, though you have to keep in mind with most power cords, the amps on the power cords need to match up with your amplifier and power conditioner because with most power conditioners, if u are using 10A line conditioner and you have a 15a or 20a power cord, its not going to signifcantly improve the performance. The higher amperage you have on your power conditioner and power amp the better sound stange and performance you will get out of it.
How unfortunate that a hobby created to service art is plagued by this drivel.
I tried a pair of Kimber silvers and they were too bright in my system. I love to hear it when people say cables have no sound. They're right its just wire, but that wire can effect the sound of a system. My neighbor was a non believer until I put a pair of PBJ's between his cd player and pre-amp. I have no idea why cabling can change the character of the sound in a system but it does. If one is using a SS pre and power amp with speakers that use a metal dome tweeter stay away from silver! Still a non believer, find someone who has a cd player that has two outputs. Connect one output to the cd input using your favorite interconnect, then connect the second output to the aux input of the pre amp using the suspect cable. Put in your favorite cd and switch inputs while listening, done it been there, for whatever reason differences were heard!! Now dare I say it, resolution is not the end to all ends, what combination keeps your foot moving and takes you away from thinking about the gear and more focused on the musicians! Not until you can really enjoy the players can you really enjoy the gear.
Robertsong, I wish there were a simple answer to your question. Perhaps the pc has settled down now, perhaps not. I have never tried an all silver power cord and presently use only copper power cords, I do generally believe metals sound different, but there are many other factors that affect what you hear. I think in interconnects, silver, especially long linear crystal silver is clearly the best metal.

All that I can really say is to buy what you prefer.
Syntax, you so speak the truth. I get many of my power cords from Merlin's bargin basement. The one's with slightly less MAGIC than his higher end cables.
How true you just gave the definition of a music lover vs an audiophile. The audiophile wants to get the most resolution he can and really believes he enjoys the music he hears while the music lover wants to get enough resolution and enjoy his collection and not constantly think he has to change a component in order to enjoy music.
Jwm, I think a music lover has never experienced the thrill of realism and the audiophile I revere has. I have no use for bells and whistles audiophiles.