Brass speaker spikes

I ordered brass speaker spikes for my speakers from Brass & Granite Audio (Oregon). The parcel was sent via USPS on 23 May 2008 but never arrived. According to our postal authorities, the parcel never crossed the US border, otherwise it would have been registered as "exported". The sender has proved to be an honest person and refunded my money, but I don't have any spikes and the speakers (Italian Nightingale CTR-2) are standing on the carpeted floor. The stock spikes provided by the manufacturer are too short to pierce the carpeted floor. Does anyone know a reputable online vendor to order spikes from?

Thanks in advance!
partsexpress. Or search "speaker spikes" on ebay. I've purchased from both with good results. I've also used the Soundcity products, nice stuff.
Hey, I just checked the web site and found my pic in their gallery. Not a bad picture of my old Kestrel 2s.
My recommendation is to forget about metal feet to put under your speakers. I purchased several pairs (4 feet for each speaker) of Marigo's DF-30 feet, and couldn't be more happy. They drain the resonances from you speaker cabinet, yet don't rob the music of it's tonal shadings. Bass has a nice tight (if it's recorded that way) sound but full blossom.
Call Ron at Marigo Audio Labs, and tell him Louis from Memphis told you to call.
Call Robert at Starsound for the right thread and size.He Can be reached at 1-877-668-4332 and also ask him about the Sistrum 101 stands ( you will forget about those cones!!).Cheers Dennis