break in period for the Mcintosh MVP 861

I recently purchased the Mcintosh MVP861 from the original owner to use as my source end. He mentioned that he had sent it back to the factory to be checked out and he mentioned that the transport system was replaced. I had demo a mvp861 and I noticed that the transport system on my source is quieter, but takes longer to load. There is also some sort of felt material on the cd holder on the transport cd bay, which I seem to remember was not on the other MVP861.
Is it recommended to burn in the transport system after it has been replaced? and what is the burn in period for a MVP 861?
Thank you for your time

I`ve been a McIntosh owner for over 30 years and each piece of equipment sounded better after a weeks or so playing time. Some say break in does not matter but to these ears it does. I would put the MVP 861 through all the paces playing all media to make sure the unit is working properly. Try this 24/7 and give a good listen before and after. Enjoy the 861 its a fine player. Now go purchase some more McIntosh gear;-))
Thank you F1 for your response. I just love the sound of the Macintosh. I tried talking to the factory but I didn't much information. I demo a different MVP 861 earlier and it sounded so wonderful, I knew I had to own one.
Now let me see what Mcintosh should I buy next....:)
I also just purchased one of this but still waiting for it to arrive. I used to have a Denon 2900 that also has a felt-like material covering on the tray. I read from another thread that the MVP861 transport is based on the Denon.
I bought a MVP861 that was new left over in a dealers warehouse at a good price. Mine has no felt. Sounded a little dull compared to my 20 year old Meridian 506. I will paly for a week and decide