Building a new sound system opinions

I'm trying to build a sound system from scratch. All I care about is listening to music from my macbook pro. I don't record or mess with music, so I really don't care about having the music sounding "flat" I think is the term; I just want it to sound fantastic. I listen to hip hop, a ton of different bands, and some electronic music.

I currently have a polk audio psw111 subwoofer, but I have never plugged it in, so I am hoping it still works. I was looking into buying speakers up to $350. I was looking at the WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 10.1, but I am open to suggestions if you think I could find something better for my interests at a similar price.

Also, do you think the diamond 10.1s would work well with the polk audio psw111 woofer? If not, what would you recommend?

Finally, I have been looking for receivers on craigslist. Does anyone have any opinions on these: Yamaha RX-V659, Pioneer VSX-9300, Pioneer VSX 917V? They all are about the same price, $75-$100 (which I am assuming is a steal). Unless of course you want to recommend a active speaker that doesn't require buying a reciever/amp and would be a better deal.

I apologize for so many questions. This is my first time building a sound system and I really want to get it right. I have spent countless hours researching and my brain is turning into mush!
Check out the Vanatoo Transparent One active speakers, might be just what your looking for. It has digital inputs, Sub-Out, Dsp room correction and sounds pretty good for the money. Otherwise if you can stretch your budget I would suggest the new NAD 3020 digital amp and get some efficient bookshelf speakers. Best of Luck
Do you also shop EBay and here on AG? Lots of possibilities for putting together a budget system.

How are you going to use the Macbook Pro? Ae you going to load a collection of CDs, or just stream internet radio? Either way you will want a USB DAC.

What is room size? The amount of space you want to fill, and at what loudness level, is important for amplifier power requirements.

The Wharfdale 10.1s are great at $350, there are other choices, different but not better. Pioneer has a speaker model, the SP BS22 which sells for $130. Great sound/$$$, though several $350 speakers are better. Either will require stands for best performance.

Do you want FM? You mention receivers, however you might be better off getting an integrated amplifier.

One option for a $500 2 channel computer driven system: Pioneer A20 integrated amp at $270 new (can be found for less used) or a used NAD 315/316BEE, Pioneer SP BS22 speakers at $130 new, used HRT Music Streamer II for under $80. Just a thought. One would be amazed at how good this inexpensive system will sound.