Building Speaker Cabinets- Recomendation Needed

I have a pair of Proac Studio 3’s that took some damage to the corners during shipping. They have been repaired (somewhat) but I eventually want to have new cabinets built. The baffles are in good shape so I would just need boxes made and veneered to match the baffles. If anyone can recommend someone in the Midwest that could do this for me I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Thanks scratcha i’ll check that out. I’m in Minnesota a few hrs outside Minneapolis. I have contacted a cabinet maker in Minneapolis but thinking i’d rather have someone with experience building speakers. Lee Taylor has said he will do it but the cost of building shipping boxes on top of the shipping costs will add several hundred dollars. 
Philmont NY
Madisound recommends them for custom cabinets.
Taylor does absolutely fabulous work.

Probably better than the originals, but on the other hand, you are getting into DIY and bespoke territory here.

You really need to love those speakers to spend the money. Otherwise a kit, or design from Taylor or Fritz will give you absolutely fabulous return on investment.
I agree Erik, ive owned a pair of speakers with his cabinets for many years however for this project i’d like to get the cost down a bit. 
Yeah, Taylor speakers are really nice!
I'm bookmarking that website.

If I can get my Pop to make me a couple cabinets, that would be very IDEAL!
He's an "old school" finish carpenter and cabinet maker.
One of these days I'll post some pics of the pieces he's made for me over the years. 
My part is supplying him with the raw materials; he's meticulous about wood grains flowing with one another, etc...
The "old school " craftsmen are still hard to beat! They take their time too, LOL!