I nominate this company as building best speakers!

Anyone here heard or own Stenheim Alumine Three. Just heard it in an Burmeister System. Streaming music. This speaker sounds like live music. Not cheap but not insane. Save your money boys and girls! 😁
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Local dealer! I’d rather not disclose geographic location. I am not kidding when I say this speaker posseses magic. Just before listening to this speaker I heard Harbeth 40.2 XD and Magico A3 (again) I’m not buying any of these. For a moderate size living space I don’t see anything that can challenge it. I went in to store to audition amps but came out re thinking my next step. Bested also Tad, Tidal, Acapella Cellini as well. Sure some speakers maybe have more bass or better highs. I’ve heard most top brands. When I am listening to say Aaron Neville or Diana Krall it’s like I’m at the listening session or club. All expensive speakers sound nice like Rockport, Kharma, Wilson etc.. Now I know they are just hifi. Stenheim is the real deal. I want other seasoned audiophiles to have a listen to let me know if I am just blowing hot air. BTW a Sonus Faber Amati owner traded his speaker for the bigger Stenheim. I was keen on listening to Cube Audio but won’t even bother now.
 Don't understand why you can't disclose where you heard them. Whats the big secret????
AbSound review from 2020

EXCERPT: "My 10-year-old son walked into the room, and I think it was Sonny Rollins’ Way Out West that happened to be cued up. He rarely offers any comments/opinions on anything I have at home (which has been a lot), but this time after about a minute he said, “I like these better.” I quickly turned the volume down to get any unedited nuggets that I could. “Why do you like them better?” He followed with something completely unexpected, and keep in mind that we don’t discuss audio equipment and he has shown virtually no interest in it. He explained, “They project better.” What? Where on earth did that come from? “What do you mean they project better?” Without missing a beat, he continued, “They sound purer. It’s like you’re right there.” That from a 10-year-old who’s never read an audio review and doesn’t really talk to me about the gear I bring home."
It's nice to see someone genuinely excited about a product he auditioned, especially since it's differs from the usual favorites gushed about on this forum. I hope a second listen will bring you the same amount of pleasure.
Ohm Walsh are still the best for me.  
Why?  Because they keep me listening for hours and I have to pull myself away no matter what is playing.   Also they do not cost a fortune even for a large room.  Even better!
Would it be blasphemous to suggest I get this feeling from Dynaudio speakers all the time? I listen for hours. Many other “hifi” brands sound thin, or bright, or ultra bassy..  Focus XD 20 for me. 
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Beauty is in the ear of the beholder.
For my personal listening pleasure, I nominate Harbeth.
I think its terrific that someone found a speaker that made them that excited.  It has certainly piqued my interest.  I have a friend who is getting a whole new system that includes Stenheim speakers, CH Precision amps and linestage, and new DAC, new turntable, etc. to go into his dedicated listening room.  I will have to wait till the pandemic abates before I can go over to hear it, and now that waiting is more painful.  
Wow Larry your friend has good taste in music. Please post when you have a chance to listen to the system. I have no doubt it will sing! 
I own Harbeth P3ESR for my bedroom and listened to the whole line except M30.2! Harbeth is ho hum compared to Stenheim.

BTW that Absolute Sound review is spot on. Everyone has their preferences. But I seek products that push the envelope of musical reproduction in the home. I think one has to go to field coil speakers to beat Stenheim.
Faxer I have seen your system before and talked to Steven. When we can travel freely again I may come over for a listen. I can already surmise it will be dynamic lots of bass with details but all  these great parts still don't add up to the real listening experience. I also own Maggie 1.7is. Of course yours are more efficient. But I don't think it will give Stenheim much competition.
The problem with a lot of speakers that are "exciting" in a dealer's showroom is that they eventually grind on your ears in a long-term home setting, and you gravitate toward something that may not be exciting, but listenable long-term.
@kw6 , yes, by all accounts these are excellent and at $30K not a terrible deal in the world of high end dynamic speakers. They will still need subwoofers and 100 watt class A mono amps. If space is limited I think they are a great choice. However, Sound labs 545's are a better speaker at a lower price and they do not take up that much more space as they are only 24" wide. Soundlabs speakers are also immortal. You have to shoot them to stop them. The Sound Labs will be more detailed, are subject to much less room interaction and will produce a more life sized sound stage. They will still require subwoofers for the best performance.
@faxer , Having owned Apogee Diva's for six years I can tell you that I have never been so vexed by a loudspeaker. But at the bottom of it all is ribbon speakers are easy to damage and very unreliable. Even Magnepan's vaunted ribbon tweeter is subject to blowing. They have an ongoing tweeter replacement program. This issue was one of the reasons Apogee died. If you look online you will notice a that replacement ribbons are sold alongside ribbon tweeters. Replacing a 6 foot tweeter ribbon is quite an experience. Only the factory can replace a woofer ribbon. Because there are great and very reliable ESLs available there is no reason to go for ribbon speakers.
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Ohm Walsh are still the best for me.  
Why?  Because they keep me listening for hours and I have to pull myself away no matter what is playing.   Also they do not cost a fortune even for a large room.  Even better!

Well done Mapman!!!  I feel that away about my Thiels!
Kw6 - I am not going to badmouth another company however based on your response I need to tell you that I have heard the Steinem Speakers and they do not have no where’s near the transparency nor the dynamic capabilities of the GT Audioworks speakers. Again they’re short fall no matter how well the cabinet is made is an enclosure which produces an asymmetrical waveform which is not desirable as it stores energy in the cabinet and produces in room anomalies. The other problems obviously are the fact that these are conventional drivers no matter how well produced will also store energy and not be released as quickly as the sophisticated planar magnetic membrane that is used in the GT speakers. Additionally you have the problem of a crossover no matter how well designed or what parts or utilized it will rob transparency and cause amplifier inefficiency, not to mention the inherent phase shift and time delay errors that result.
if you saw the beginning of the promotional video you saw the review from Stereophile which indicated that the speakers can go toe to toe with any loudspeaker system cost no object granted you have to keep in mind that GT Audioworks works has not given Stereophile magazine any money with respect to advertising so this is strictly an honest review.
We have customers all over the country who have purchased the speakers and they are the best testament to what they can do I can provide this information to you so you can speak with them directly if you so desire. However, you are more than welcome to audition the speakers when you feel comfortable.
ALL boxes distort sound. Pure electrostatics’s are fatiguing quickly. Horns belong at the top of a pole at the local high school stadium.

You need to listen to Magnepan products if you want to listen to music.

Rich my I still have my 1.7i sitting in a box ready to sell! They are ok but light on tone and life like dynamics! Not even close to Stenheim. It's like Maggie is Acura car and Stenheim is Bentley GT or Aston Martin Db9.

Ok thanks Faxer! You guys do have interesting products. But I need to hear it.

Mijo not a big fan of esl! In the past heard hybrid Sound lab and Martin Logan and of course the the famous 57 esl. I will check out your recommendation.

If someone would offer Stenheim for $15k usd I would take it!

True Fatdaddy but been at this dealer many times and that day Sonus Faber Amati was played first. Sonus sounded ok. Stenheim sounded like the room was transformed into the venue and Diana Krall was singing to me. The difference was huge.

To seriously challenge Stenheim you would need say Living voice air scout or maybe Devore Audio and then I don't even know. I have to hear it. Stenheim got to be top 5 in the world.

If any dealers of Stenheim please private message me.
Coincidentally, the Ohms in the pictures at the link above also replaced a pair of older Magnepans in ~2008 for pretty much the same reasons.   I was looking for Quad ES sound but with better bass and dynamics and found it.  Also more practical placement in most rooms for best results.
As I thought.  No one in this thread other than the OP has actually ever heard Stenheim speakers.  At best, a couple of people have read the Absolute Sound review.
Is that a surprise?

I'd like to hear them.  Will look for them at next Capital Audiofest.
A friend of mine who has great ears said the best speakers he heard at the last Axpona show were Stenheim. I had never heard of them. I don’t know what model number they were but he would have purchased them if he could afford them. 
Don't see how anyone can say Magnepan speakers are light on tone and life like dynamics when they excel here feed with the right equipment. 
Thanks for all your responses! I hope some of you will try to hear it. Stenheim was at the dealer for awhile when I looked at them he had the model Fives. At the time I was listening to JBL and Harbeth. But in my mind Stenheim speaker didn't look anything special but l like the colour scheme very artsy. In my mind overpriced stuff probably mediocre at best.

Thank you Iwin for your post. I wouldn't bother posting here if I didn't have something really great to share. Did I mention Stenheim has the dynamic freeness like a good horn as well. Just plain lifelike. One recording I wish he had was Eric Clapton's Knockin' on Heaven's Door. That is a very tough song to get right and start grooving. Of course they are not perfect. On the Threes I do notice the low end when there was drum kit the bass was a bit tight not as enveloping. They do have bigger models. But regardless this speaker has it. 

BTW Johnto I auditioned the Maggie's with the Bryston 4b3 driving it. Forgot front end stuff. Of course Maggie don't have boxy sound and has good detail but still light on tone. Play a a good recording of an acoustic guitar you will know what I mean. Also imaging is kind of flatish. Stenheim you can see for example Anne Bisson's head in three dimensions.

Mapman I don't have anyone near by who has Ohm but once we can travel freely again without being under quarantine I will have a listen. Or at an audio show in the future.

In the past I bad mouth CH Precision but listening to it more it's pretty good. 

Have a good one guys and gals!☺️
The MBL 101 Omni directional speakers ,when setup properly 
are Fantastic and get my top 3 votes, their Ultimate even more so
wilsons new flagship a very reasonable $250k+  from all accounts 
it is in the Great status I would love to hear it. Maybe at the next show  hopefully this fall.
I have to admit that I didn't have had the chance to listen to Stenheim Alumine Three, but I  doubt that they are building THE best speakers.
After spending 3 days at the High-End show in Munich, in 2019...I left most impressed by the sound reproduced by MBL (german manufacturer) 101 Xtreme top of their line speakers/audio system.

I also got the chance to listen to a pair of German Physiks  (as the name directly indicates, is another german manufacturer of high-end loudspeakers) Carbon Mk IV, and I just can't imagine how fantastic can be top of their line, The Gaudi Mk II. 

If some of us can't afford to buy and enjoy this level of musicality and emotional impact on our homes, I wish at least that the rest of all of us, audiophiles, music and quality aficionados, to get at least the chance to audition these true marvels of audio engineering.
Ohm is often affectionately referred to as the poor mans mbl or German Physics.
I’ve heard all three. They are all cut from a similar and very unique Omni cloth.
Ohm goes the extra mile to make that not just affordable for more but also more practical to place in more people’s rooms for good results.

also ohm is completely home grown in Brooklyn NY so there is that.  
I guess it's getting to be hard times for Magico.  ;) 

The problem is when the OP asserts "the best" with little qualification, which is typical. Suggesting the other brands are "hifi" in comparison shows a fawning adoration that is not representative of reality.  

What, he heard it in one system, in comparison to others in a different system, or the same system? That is supposed to allow a proper conclusion of "the best"? I beg to differ. 

Properly stated, the OP should have said something on the order of, "I preferred this or that speaker in comparison in one system to these others..." It's nonsense to declare that a particular speaker is superior based on one listening. 

Want to make a more definitive announcement of which is "the best"? Put up about a dozen, or even 18 rigs, and compare them all. Optimize each rig and see what you think. Of course, the average audiophile does not do this, but I do when reviewing. That is how you find out which is the best speaker. 

Further, when doing that, you discover that all speakers have particular characteristics and flaws, and cannot fully capture all aspects of sound reproduction. The more speakers handled extensively, the less one is prone to make such grand assertions as one speaker being "the best". 
But, this is a hobby fraught with emotion and preference, so such threads will continue on.   :) 

The real irony will be if the OP saves up, buys the speaker, then when he gets it home, it doesn't sound nearly the same as in the shop. There is a strong possibility of that, and of the OP having to spend quite a bit in order to get a preferable result with the speakers at home. Worse, he could get it home and find that his current speakers do some aspects of sound quality better. That could be a problem. Many have thought they found the perfect speaker, only to find out that it's just not that easy. It's not too much fun when you declare to the world you've found "the One," then when you acquire it, learn that it's got issues with your rig and you'll have to drop a lot more money to optimize it. Oh, well, that's part of the hobby, too, at times.  :)

Op, based upon your above comments the Stenheim Alumine Three is insanely good; while the Model Five is overpriced stuff probably mediocre at best . What do you specifically attribute such a disparity in assessment to?

I always look for highly recommended gear  at shows and dealers. Always looking to reaffirm my personal benchmark for good sound. Then comes the question is it worth it (to me)? Also is it practical for me? Or am I fitting a square peg in a round hole at home?
Always looking. Always listening. Can’t wait until things can get more back to normal for that.