cable shopping...Help!

I'm looking to buy a couple new cables for my system. I need a cable between my preamp and amp and I need a cable for my DAC to preamp. I'm considering some of the "budget" cables I see here on this site. I curious about Bettercables, Homegrownaudio, The Music Company, Phoneix Gold. My system is Marantz cdp, Denon DAC, Rotel preamp (I sometimes use it passive), Golden Tube SE-40 amp, and Triangle Titus xs speakers. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Try the Mapleshade Clearview Ultrathin Digital @ $32.50. Or, the Clearview Double Helix Digital @ $120.00 (I use this one and am very happy with its musical yet detailed sound). The website is @( I am using it from a CAL player to a Bel Canto DAC. Before I was using a Canare cable and the Mapleshade dusted it in every aspect.
My personal recommendations, which can acquired at a reasonable price either new or used: 1. HomeGrownAudio's Silver Solution or Silver Lace cables (buy the kits, do the assembly yourself, and save some bucks); 2. Kimber Silver Streak (buy used), or Kimber PBJ.
Given the equipment noted, I would go the website for CARDAS and look at the entry level cables and see what is out here used. Cardas does magic with tubes. I've had Strightwire, Audio Quest, Kimber (all models)and Cardas interconnects with their speaker cable on tubes is something you will be pleased to own. They will grow with you as other incremental improvements are made to your system. I agree with kits to a point, but make sure you know how to soder and have the best tool and solder to use.