Cable Upgrades or Better Components???

I know...I know...but hear me out

Yes the quality of components is obviously important and can make staggering differences. The catch 22 is that if the cables aren't capable of the highest levels of transparency done in a neutral way, you will only be hearing a fraction of the differences higher grade components are capable of. If the cables are colored with distortion you can't tell what the upgrades are really doing. The details and life are not being delivered with lower resolution cables.

I used to use both entry level tube and solid state systems by Balanced Audio Technology, and their highest end tube mono block amps and preamp and their best solid state system to prove to people the value and importance of wires as well as one other thing, what power cords could do for a system.

Using one manufacturer's range of cables from entry to their statement cables the best goes in the entry level system and the entry cables in the $80k system (using Meadowlark Audio speakers from the Shearwaters to the Nightingales or Blue Herons). What you think the outcome is comparing an entry level system with the best cables or the statement equipment with entry level neutral cables will indicate what your understanding of the relationship cables have in a system.

Getting 100% of the potential of quality entry level equipment gets you all of the detail, ambiance, depth, and audiophile qualities, that is better than getting a throttled back fraction of the performance out of hardcore equipment. None of the audiophile quality and life we are looking for is delivered without great cable. The life of great equipment can't happen without the right cable.
Jackass of the day award has to go to me. I knew your other post was pure BS, and I held back from calling it. So here's the question I was going to ask in your other thread, but for some fool reason I didn't.

What are you selling? And please don't play dumb. Your AG account is listed as commercial.
"The life of great equipment can't happen without the right cable".

Weather you're commercial or not, I don't care. I only care about the facts and the facts are more often prove false than truth of your statement or 'advertising'.

Example: I lost few of my adjacent teeth and use temporary flexi dentures before I build implants. Can I have life?

According to example above your last statement is definitely full of crap. No matter how good or pricey equipment is it WILL WORK with any basic cabling just like my flexi dentures...
Zd...he has an ad for some JPS cables, but if you read the body of the ad, he is soon to publish a book on system synergy.

So, he is selling his book.

Good call.
I am no longer a dealer, which is irrelevant to what I'm selling. If anyone calls me and what they need that fits their system is something I do not have I will recommend it.

Quite frankly I was not trying to sell the original poster anything I have, he can't afford it as it is beyond his stated price points. Reading the question as posed this guy needed some guidance.

What I would recommend for him as opposed to whatever $600 i/c he has (he failed to mention what he's talking about, $200 versus $600 means absolutely nothing) would be entry level neutral JPS Labs that costs $150 a set, and he needs two sets, not one. I cannot do anything about getting them for him as I am not a dealer and will get nothing if he chooses to try them. He's on his own in terms of where to get them.

In terms of the book I am not selling it yet as it will be a few months before it's ready. I am selling nothing in the book, just pure logic and advice that helps audiophiles of any experience level understand some things that won't be figured out without spending hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars and more time than any hobbyist will ever have. I use several examples for everything I have to say, and I want people to be able to understand and try things for themselves.

weak call buddy, that book isn't going to help ignorant and opinionated people.

Care to comment on what I said? My generic point that has nothing to do with trying to sell anything was that money spent in cable gives you far more bang for the buck than any given equipment upgrade will if the cable isn't at a high level first...and that you aren't going to hear the differences between two grades of cable if the speaker cable is inferior to the interconnect being tried.

Oh, and Y connectors are a joke in terms of the coloration they bring into the equation. It was mentioned that the new cable is best left in the system for a few weeks to break in, then try the old cable and go back and forth listening for differences. They will be hard to hear with weak speaker cables.

Good Luck, if the right approach isn't used a lot of luck will be needed.

By the way, I'm selling lot of my reference equipment, people taking first steps wouldn't be interested, but I do try to share knowledge that anyone can use to help understand where they will get the most bang for the buck. That is a free service and costs nothing.

Anyone serious about audio will work through a lot of cable upgrades before wasting their money on components,,,that is a fact, PERIOD. If you don't you'll come back to cable in the end after equipment just isn't doing what you are looking for.
Czarivey your logic doesn'tk equate to anything we are talking about.

So what about my post you referred to was BS?Was it the part where I had complete lineups of tube and solid state gear, speakers from entry grade to $30,000, cable manufacturers sending me complete cable lineups to break in and test for months at a time? What was BS?

If a guy such as myself had $450k in equipment and considers comparison work to be his full time job so that he can offer advice as a service to audiophiles that do no have the resources or time to do that, how hard would it be to take an entry level tube and solid state BAT system with entry grade neutral cables and try one thing at a time to see what gave the biggest performance improvements for the money? Don't you think it would be basic logic to try the best cables costing $5000 and then try a $10,000 preamp and easily be able to tell which sounded better? Then try power cords for an even bigger improvement and we are still under the $10k preamp but the entry grade system still blows away the upgrade of the preamp?

So what was BS about the points I try to make?

The only BS is when guys who can't tell the difference between a $200 cable and a $600 cable try to call the guy who has successfully upgraded hundreds of entry and ultimate systems without any complaints that he's full of BS. Everything I ever sold had a money back policy, there is no BS allowed under those terms, either it's what I say it is or it comes back to me, no BS involved.

Everything I say can be easily proved, and part of the proof is that huge numbers of guys who don't do things in the right order can't hear differences in upgrades. When the correct steps are followed the differences can be heard by someone who is half deaf, literally.
Some of you guys are very suspicious unforgiving and quick to judge. Personaly, I am not concerned about different biases including selling particulat things. Many here are trying to 'sell' their own narcissism in various forms. Question is who is 'buying' ?
The man's thread is completely legitimate.
Cables are components. Yes, it is stupid to change components before trying your best to extract most of them. If the components are good enough, I mean. I have $1800 speaker cables on $1500 speakers, none were bought new.
And I have $800 interconnect on $1000 phono stage.
No, I doubt that I would put $10k interconnect on $3k phono.
Some equipment responds less to cables and cords, some more. But everything does respond.
Components first! Then Cables! Because cables are the tone controls of the system.


"Some of you guys are very suspicious unforgiving and quick to judge."

There's a reason for that.

"Cable questions of the profound "what is the meaning of cable" are always entertaining by right of how many clueless people are going to give you their profoundly ignorant and useless advice. Unfortunately far too many dealers and "experts" will give you advice that is almost as useless."

That's the first thing he says.

Clueless, Profoundly ignorant, "Experts", useless advice. You wouldn't call that unforgiving and quick to judge?
I said that the thread was legitimate, I didn't categorize the OP, nor am I going to.
We can discuss the subject or we can leave it, it's up to us.
I'm in full agreement with your statement concerning y-adaptors.
IMO: Cable comparisons using them would/should be highly suspect.
IMO Cables should be the last tweak to your system once it is complete. I say complete because 1 high end cable may sound much better than another (possibly cheaper) should you change components later. It's all about total system synergy to get the best out of everything.

That said I recently upgraded my original Nordost Frey SC's to the Ansuz Ceramics. Flipping the cables in pairs I didn't hear anything earth shattering. But when I put one of each in I heard how dry and lean the Nordost sounded.

In conclusion I would recommend a cable that sounds great without breaking the bank until you've decided to call it quits and enjoy the system you have.