Cables for an MBL Reference system?

Does anybody out there have any real life exp. or suggestions to maximize an MBL Reference rig?(101e's,6010d,1621a,1611f,9008a's).
I love the Radialstrahlers and probably never go back to a box speaker again, they just do magic to live recordings.
With all of the accolades that the 6010d pre has gotten, I wonder if the NOT truly balanced mode may be hurting my case, but many of my source recordings need it.
I listen to mostly live, older source material(GD, Allmans, NRPS and other acoustic/bluegrass/jamband music and/or female vocal stuff(Natalie, Kraus/Jewel etc).
I've been swaping out different cables for a few years and am stuck in the world of compromise.
Tara's don't cut it(too dark) without going to the Zero/Omega's, just rediculious $$ for wire.
Wireworlds(as recommended by MBL) have interesting coherency and great mid-upper end resolution, but don't cut it on the bottom end(Gold Eclipse 5 speaks), and their copper cables are too slow.
Has anybody tried any MIT, Kharma or any other high end stuff that may fit the bill.

Thanx in advance for any feedback.

Hi Jackaroe,

I have a similar system to yours, Transporter, MBL 6010D, 1611F, 9008a's, driving a pair of Kharma Mini Exquisites. I'm using all Kubala-Sosna Emotion throughout with great success. I guess you could say that the sound is very analog like, musical, liquid, organic, coherent, and a tad on the dark side, but not as dark as the Tara's. The Kubalas also control the bass really well and are very balanced from top to bottom.

K-S has also just released their Elation Series, which I haven't heard yet, but they're supposed to be better in every area. Well, I guess that means it's time to start saving money again, as I've heard they're big bucks. Does it ever end?

BTW, I prefer my MBL 6010D Preamp in Balanced mode. The improvement for me was instantaneous, like a few minutes. I then proceeded to compare both for about a week just to torture myself further, and I still preferred it balanced. I thought it sounded quieter with a blacker background in balanced mode, with a little more air between the instruments.
Hi Jackaroe,

Used Kharma with Kubala-Sosna on my all MBL and Kharma speakers system...Wonderful but pricey....KS's Fasination cables or Expressions are right under the Emotions and you get about three quarters of the way there for one half the dollars...

Lastly, please try the "Dream State" line of cables,amazing all across the board for "relatively" sane money!

Good luck,


I have tried a few different cable manufactures some costing ridiculous money but presently using Stealth product through out for over the past year. You do have a reference system which is big $$$ so I would try different cables and not worry about the cost first and deal with it once you have found something that works for you. If I was looking at new cables I would want to try the New Elrod GOLD cables, big bucks but look very interesting indeed.

I have;

Two pairs of Dream cables for my 101E's, would like to hear the NEW BASS cables to hear the difference on the lower end.

Sextet digital AES XLR connection between transport and dac

Indra's XLR connection between pre and mono blocks and dac and pre, would like to hear the New Sakra but very expensive.

Dream power cords throughout

Very important when buying Stealth product, the connectors being the latest design make a difference in over all sonics, my Stealth cables are all the latest designs.

Good luck and let us know

Something different, try demaging your cables. It really works. I have the Tara Zeros, and they are anything but dark. But..I can get pretty close w. a copper foil cable I make myself.
I have all MBL electronics (1621A, 1611F, 6010D, 9011's) and Kharma Reference 1E speakers. I've used Kubala Sosna Emotion cabling and power cords with great success. Very natural sound and good soundstage. More recently I switched some of my K-S cables to Kharma's Enigma Signature IC and SC and there was a significant improvement. I suggest you contact Bill Parish at GTT Audio. He carries MBL, K-S, Kharma and can probably point you in the right direction.
Thanx for your response and input. It certainly seems as if the MBL electronics are the goods, teamed up with either their own speaks or with the Kharma's, and I have also heard some amazing things from the Kharma's at GTT, Bill is a great guy.
Of the responses I've rec'd, KS Emotions seems to be the solid choice of many. Stealth seems to also get a few votes. I am sure the kharma Enigma S are all that , but I am trying to avoid the crazy $$ that go with them.
Just out of curiosity, do you spin any vinyl? I am curious as to how well the MBL front end will do with that as it leans towards the warmer side with high res.? I'm thinking about jumping back in.
Thanx again,