Cables for B&W 805S

I'm using a Classe CAP-2100 integrated amp with an Ayre C-5xe source. Have gone to the 805S and wanted to ask for suggestions. I've searched the archives and haven't seen much mentioned for these monitors regarding cable. I'm using the dedicated B&W stands and want to be able to run the cable through them so don't want a thick cable. I'm currently using Purist Audio Venusta bal interconnects and PAD Opis speaker cable which sound great but they're to short (and thick). I've been thinking of Audience AU24 but have not heard them in my system. I might try borrowing from the Cable Company, but would like your advice on a higher gauge cable thats worked well for you. Thanks!
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Classical- The AU24 single with jumpers is a good choice for your speakers as is Elizabeth's suggestion for 8TC. The new Synergistic Research cables will also be a good performer for 805 speakers and Classe amp. My suggestion is to try a few of these in your system once the B&W's are broken in and hear for yourself which YOU prefer.
I too found it helped having the stands filled with sand. I might try your "blue tack material" and the Kimber 8TC was another I had wanted to hear. Thank you for the info Elizabeth!
Thanks Jwpstayman- When you say the new Synergistic Research cables, I'm thinking you're talking about the new 'Tesla' and not the B&W specific cables they have. I think I'll try the AU24, Tesla and 8TC. The 805S are 'broken in'. I almost gave up on them until they had @ 150 hours on them, but it was adding the Classe that made me decide to keep them. I didn't think the 805S could sound this smooth. In my opinion they are a very nice match with the Classe amp.
I second Kimber 8tc, works very well with these speakers. I have a double-run of it coming off my amp and it works gloriously.
Au24 goes very well with B&W's....I previously owned a pair of B&W CM2 Concept 90 speakers...and it matched very well. The AU24 smoothed out the slight edginess of the B&W metal dome tweeter.

At one time I used Transparent ( mid-line ) w/ my older 805 speakers. Really great sound and detail.
Concur. Depending on your budget, try the new Transparent Musicwave Plus/Super/Ultra Biwires with the new MM tech.
In an in-store listening, I heard the 805S with Transparent Cables('Plus'-I think), although matched with Electrocompaniet ECI5. In the store both EC & Classe were all matched with B&W gear & cabled by Transparent. WOW!! is all I can say. Sound was impressive. I'm a huge fan of the 805s especially.

Now on the shopping list to replace my 705s, I will certainly be trying the JPS - Superconductor+ or Superconductor2 (tho with EC amp). As my taste leans toward Jazz/Latin Jazz and most things percussive, I've heard that JSP's are quite neutral in their reproduction. If your tastes lean to a similar style, JPS's maybe, at least, worth checking out.
The 805s is a very nice speaker, and often doesn't get the respect it deserves. I auditioned it next to the 804s and liked it considerably better. Much smoother and easier to listen to. Simpler crossover will beat out lots of drivers any day when it comes to musicality.

I own them and like them alot, but looking to replace with Devore Super 8s. The audition/shootout between the two will be soon. If the Super 8 wins my 805s (2 months old) will be up for sale.
from what i can gather about your system, the audience would be wonderful. also, think about concierto or even cardas if you like smooth... look for used cables. they hold up well and become a great value. for the 805s, i would avoid silver cables of any kind. enjoy.
I also put playsand in my stands as well. One of the best sonic tweaks yet for my system as a whole. Pulls everything together and makes the speaker sound more coherent.

I also tilted them back a bit with the taller spikes they come with, another excellent change in imaging.

I also used the 4 little clear rubber feet on the 4 corners of the bottom of the speaker to decouple it from the stand a little. You can actually see a very small space between the bottom of the speakers themselves and where stand. Screwed them just tight enough so they don't touch, and yes they are incredibly tight on the stand. Can be picked up and moved around as one unit-if your really strong. : )

Lastly, I used Dynamat, cut to fit on the bottom of the speaker stand to kill vibration to the floor. A must if you have tubes, since it works very very well.

All of these things above work wonderfully in zapping resonance from the stands; and to my ear make the speaker sound like it is literally floating in mid-air before you.
Starfish, you mentioned that you should not use silver cables with 805s. What is your reason for not using silver cables?
I am using Nordost Blue Heaven switched from Kimble 8tc

To my ears much better resolution