Cables for ML380S/ML332/Res Aud CD-55

Looking for advice/experience with cables for ML332/ML380S combination and Resolution Audio Cd-55. Speakers are Dunlavy SC-IV's and speaker cable is Kimber Bi-Focal XL. I have been using Magnan VI balanced between ML332 and ML380S. Thanks for the advice and recommendations in advance. Best wishes, Bill E
I love the MIT 330 Shotgun Proline with my CD50 and Krell. Unbelievable power, resolution, musicality, snap, you name it. If you're in the southeast anytime, come by for an earfull of music!
I have the ML332/380S comboa as well and have been using Transparent Audio Labs Super Balanced Interconnects and Super Speaker Cables. I am planning to upgrade to Ultra soon. The sound produced by this combo is fantastic and I listened to many cables and interconnects before buying. Good Luck
Hi Doug28450 Since you're planning to upgrade to Ultra's, please share with me what limitations/problem(s) still need solving with the TA SB and SS cables. Also, where are the strengths of your current set up. You didn't mention which speakers you're using. Please do. Best wishes.
Hi Carl-eber Sounds like you have found a great combination for you. I don't have much listening time on Krell amps. How do you describe their strengths vs Levinson? Also, please share which speakers you use. Best wishes.
Lakefrontroad, when I started the cable upgrade process I had inexpensive Tributaries that the dealer gave me when I bought the system. He (the dealer) started me off with the basic bottom level TAL cables. After a couple weeks of listening he moved me up to the Plus level. It only took a few minutes to conclude that Plus was now the minimum level. Again, a couple of weeks of listening and I picked up the Super level wires. Same process, then off to the Super/Ultra comparison. At that time I wanted to stay at the Ultra level, but couldn't find the cash so I stuck with the Super. That was about three years ago. I recently borrowed the Ultra's again and confirmed my desire for them. The difference to me, is more resolution, detail and a more coherent soundstage. The soundstage is wider and deeper and the instruments take on a more defined position in space with space between them. As far as the Super's go, they are outstanding cables and I have been very happy with them. I don't hear any problems with the Super's. But, after hearing the Ultra's, they take the system one more step closer. The next step in the TAL line from Ultra is Reference. Unless I win a big lottery jackpot Ultra will do fine. My speakers are B&W 801 Matrix III's. When I upgrade the speaker cables I am going to go to either Bi-wire or Bi-cable. The TAL Ultra Bi-wire is more detailed, analytical and dynamic, while the Bi-cable is a little more relaxed and warm. Some things to keep in mind with the Transparent cables (actually these probably apply to all cables). Balanced is more dynamic, detailed and analytical than single-ended. You also get some gain with balanced cables. If you have a dealer who carries the Transparent line start at the bottom and work your way up. You will eventually get to a level where you improvement does not justify the price. I have listened to other cables Kimber, XLO, Cardas and some others since I bought the TAL's but they just don't make the system sing like the TAL's. The MIT's are supposed to be very good. I've not heard them, but I've seen them recommended for Krell and Levinson components in may places. Lastly, before I decided on the ML I listened to Krell as well. It sounded very nice but was too analytical, forward and and somewhat sterile for my liking. If I can be of further help let me know. Good Luck
Hi Doug28450 I've had a similar experience with slightly different goods. I started with class C goods. I then listened to class A and got the bug. I bought the ML332/ML38S and the Dunlavy's without hearing the system together. I had a pair of MIT750plus mono wire speaker cable and Sonic Euphoria RCA interconnects which I put between the CD player and the pre-amp. I got a pair or Magnan Vi balanced interconnects on a recommendation to go between the pre/amp and amp. I also have a pair of Cardas Golden Cross balance interconnects which go between the cd player and the pre-amp to tone down bad cd's. What's lacking is incredible detail without brightness. I have a set of Kimber Bi-focal biwires in transit to me which may enhance the lower mid range, but I've been told often that silver wire may be WAY TOO BRIGHT with my combination of pieces. I have not heard the TA speaker cables, so I am interested in your experience. I have heard the Purist Audio Colossus biwire cables and they're great. Too bad I couldn't find a 20 foot pair. I am upgrading my ML38S to a ML380S currently. I hesitate when I write I hope that this will gel. Ain't that the rub! I'm sure the additions will have a life of their own. Thanks for the imput. Best wishes, Bill Eichengrun
Paragon Radiant speakers (5 inch "mtm" w/Dynaudio drivers), or Magneplanar MMG's in a smaller room. I have not had a Levinson amp in my home, but can't imagine that this MIT interconnect would not get the best out of it (mine is a 2 meter run, and it IS likely that a much longer run would not sound as good...nobody ever gets to do an endrun around insertion losses, no matter what bs they sling). But then, you can't know ahead of time, before you try, so get started. Rent cables from friends, or The Cable Company..............Of interest, Kimber Bi-Focal is not a silver cable, it is all copper. The only silver Kimber speaker cables that I'm aware of, are 4AG, 8AG, KS 3035, KS 3038, and 88. Also, I have Purist Audio Colossus power cords; but as good as they are, I preferred the Synergistic Reference Coupler power cord, to all others I've tried with my Krell (including FIM and Shunyata). I'm holding out for a used one of sufficient length.......Also, I can't imagine why you would prefer using the Levinson linestage with the CD55 (instead of driving the amp direct with it), unless it is just really wimpy compared to the CD50 that I have. When driving either of my amps directly, mine has the dynamics of life, even of an "avalanche"!! Also reminds me very much of analog. It beats everything I've heard by a mile, systems costing many times what mine costs. It need only be left on a week or two, and then look out! It's astoundingly good. Perhaps you could sell your CD55 and 380S, buy a CD50, and spend the savings on some "real" cables, IMO.
karl: shame, shame, shame, shame, you're guilty, as admitted, of the offense you've charged so many polite and serious members of audiogon of committing. you've never had levinson (nee, madrigal) amps in your home but you can "imagine" they must sound spectacular with your over-priced, consriticting, veiled and sloppy mit ic's and cables? ha, ha, ha, ha. and,HA! karl, face it, you've heard almost nothing but your "astoundingly good system," which you've also said is "mezmerizing" [sic.]. time's long past for you to get out there, karl, and hear some other stuff (if there's anyone left whom you've not offended beyond forgiveness who will let you listen). YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY LEFT, KARL, NOT WITH ME AND NOT WITH MANY OTHERS WHO HAVE BEEN SO BOLD AS TO CHALLENGE YOUR VIEWS. the author of this post didn't ask about krell or mit. why do you think he cares? why do you think anyone cares? - your favorite "angry drunk."
I'm new here. Why so much hostility toward carl_eber? Sounds like he's pretty opinionated. Is there anything else I should know? Thanks.
Ze10, Carl is one of a number of people who interject thier opinion in threads where there opinion is not asked for. Read the request and first four posts. Lakefrontroad (LFR) is asking for specific help with a specific system. It stands to reason that while many people will read the request, we should hope that only people that have several components in the system or have experience with the pieces being considered would be the ones to reply. Carl does not own any of the pieces that LFR has, although he does have a piece by one of the manfacturers, yet he interjects his thoughts, essentialy instructing LFR to trade everything in. This does not help LFR at all and in fact probably frustrates him, I know it does me. The kind of post Carl made follows the old 10%/90% rule: 10% ruin it for the 90%. The only thing we can do is ignore opinions such as the one Carl provided and periodically blast him as Cornfedboy and Kendall43 did. The Carls of the world will never figure out that their opinion was not asked for in this specific case and will continue to post unsolicited responses and continue to be blasted. Their complaint will be that nobody likes them or that people are out to get them. But the truth is that they provided an opinion that was not appropriate. Ze10 welcome to the wonderful world of audio, enjoy it, ask questions, and listen, listen, listen.
And you think that somehow, by attacking me personally, that helps Lakefrontroad? WHY ARE THE ABOVE 4 POSTS HERE, THEN? I submit that not one of you owns the same system as lakefront, either. I will never be shamed for trying to help someone, nor will I be discouraged here. You guys need to lighten up a little bit, and stop whining. You embarass yourselves, yet again, and are actually much more "opinionated" than you think I am (and it counts much less). Hypocracy is nothing to be proud of, but have another round, and come back to embarass yourselves again anyhow. I can't wait to see if I can laugh any louder than I did this time!
I own the RA-55 and have tried several cables, but unfortunately not with ML equipment. A friend of mine, however, has a system very similar to yours LFR; RA-55, ML-380, and ML-333. The speakers differ dramatically though.
The cables he is using are Analysis Plus Silver Oval IN balanced interconnects, and I believe Oval 9 speaker cables. His system sounds absolutely wonderful.
Heh, Thanks all for the imput. On point, off point and to the point. It's a delight to read the thoughts and experiences of each and your recommendations. And to be sure, I love the personal banter. Life ain't nothing without a cock fight! I have found the Cardas Golden Cross interconnects between the CD and the pre-amp "too soft and fleshy" in detailed orchestral music. It seems to lack the fiber that I hear in other's systems. I will report the change with the Kimber's which should arrive tommorrow. Again, all imput appreciated. Bill E.
Hey Bill, thanks! That makes me feel better about passing up on some Cardas Golden Cross ic's this past week. I think I should focus more on Discovery Essence, I'm trying it now, and really like it.
Heh, Thanks all for the imput. On point, off point and to the point. It's a delight to read the thoughts and experiences of each and your recommendations. And to be sure, I love the personal banter. Life ain't nothing without a cock fight! I have found the Cardas Golden Cross interconnects between the CD and the pre-amp "too soft and fleshy" in detailed orchestral music. It seems to lack the fiber that I hear in other's systems. I will report the change with the Kimber's which should arrive tommorrow. Again, all imput appreciated. Bill E.
Hi Carl. It just so happens that I just got a pair of Discovery plus 4 RCA's and find them slightly more detailed and open than the Cardass. Why don't you get back to me with your experience. Thanks. Bill E.
I haven't done enough back and forth direct comparisons yet, but from my memory, these may be what I've been looking for.
The Kimber Bifocal xl's arrived today and the result is amazing. The sound became more open spaceous and natural. The brassyness which had occurred when I switched interconnects was reduced dramatically. While the Discover plus 4 RCA interconnects show slightly more detail in the mid and upper ranges, just slightly, than the Cardas Golden Cross XLR's between the RA55 and the ML38(I am returning the ML38S and have bought an upgrade to ML380S which I am awaiting) I am astonished how the Kimber's have pulled together the system in the direction I have been looking for. Now, I need to wait for the 380S upgrade and do the same thing with the interconnects. All thoughts appreciated. Thanks, Bill