Calling on B.A.T. VK-P10SE owners

I bought a BAT VK-P10SE here on Audiogon. The unit is fine but is missing the XLR shorting plugs used when connecting the turntable via the RCA inputs. I need to know which pins must be connected together. When I contacted BAT, they offered to sell me the plugs but not how to make them myself. So if a kind owner can check inside the plugs and tell me which are connected together I could listen to my new toy during the Holidays.

Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays to all Audiogoners!

Insert the "U" shaped plugs so that pins 1 and 3 are connected.
Happy Holidays.
In case Rgurney's post wasn't clear, pin 1 is ground, pin 2 is positive and pin 3 is negative so that you will want to connect pin 3 to pin 1 with both then connected to the ground of your RCA. Connect pin 2 to the center pin of your RCA, leaving the center pin hot and pins 1 and 3 at ground.
Goldorak and Piedpiper - The BAT P10SE has separate RCA and XLR inputs. When one is using the RCA inputs, all you have to do is connect pins 1 and 3 of each XLR input. The numbers are marked on the back of the XLR input. These "U" shaped pins are available from various others sources such as Acoustic Sounds or Music Direct, etc, as well.
got it, thanks, RG.

Sounds like making them could be tricky then, but if you can figure that out then 1 and 3 would be the ones to short as stated above.
Goldorak, CONGRATULATIONS ! Killer phono stage. I love mine. Try a DIN to XLR phono cable when you can...The BAT phono stages do sound a little better...

Good luck and happy listening!
Serge, Great Phono Amp. However it can even get better with Balanced connections. Are you missing the RCA box or is that whats damaged? If so, you can have mine. Free! Also the superpack helps but what also helps is changing the tubes to Nos. Richard
Thanks to all for your answers. I know the P10 sounds better in balanced input option since a phono pickup is a inherently balanced device. Finally I decided to reterminate my phono lead (SME Din Van de Hul D501) with XLR plugs that I cannibalized from an old unused interconnect, everything works perfect now. But I like to have my components complete as deliverd by the manufacturer, so I can make my own shorting XLR plugs.

The B.A.T. VK-P10 is really a superb phono stage, it's the second time I own one, sold the first to try something else (Pass XONO) but I prefer tubes, so I am keeping this one.

I have laid my hands on 2 new/NOS matched/balanced pairs on 60's grey plate Siemens CCa, so I have a special set for great occasions. I am also ordering a brand new set from B.A.T. I am wondering if changing the the 6SN7 can make a difference? As far as the 6S45, I think there is only one source for that tube, but some say it could be substituted for Western Electric 437A.

Thanks again for all the info.

Brent Jesse at suggested Sylvania as a replacement for the 6Sw7 's. They did improve the sound as well.