Klipsch Service, is like calling the Federal Government.....What a joke

Paul would roll over in his grave if he ever called Klipsch Comany on the phone......They really don't need one, because they wouldn't answer it anyway.....I have been trying to talk to someone at Klipsch for two months.....No good, the answering system doesn't work, the e-mails never get answered, the questions never get answered......Is there anybody working in the office....."NO".....I own Klipsch Horns, LaScala's, Cornwalls, and would probably own more if I could just get some questions answered from Klipsch............But first you have to wake somebody up there so they will answer the phone.............W
Why not pose your questions to a Klipsch dealer?
That’s what they’re for.
I think its getting  harder to call everyone ....lots of layoffs  and the others are to busy watching YouTube...
First I would have to find a Heritage Klipsch dealer within 500 miles of where I leave, and then I would have to get them to answer the phone.....Wonder what would be wrong with calling Klipsch.....If they could answer the phone ??
I am very familiar with the Heritage line, since the beginning. I might be able to answer your questions. There is also the Klipsch Forum community, which at one time, I belonged. No need to panic, my friend. With what is going on in this world of ours, audio issues, is really, little stuff. Enjoy, stay safe and be well. MrD.
One of the things I have been trying to find out is .......I have a special Klipsch Belle that was built as a center channel only speaker, it has a special crossover, but absolutely no information as how it hooks up to my K-Horns............W
Will, can you post a picture of the crossover ? Understand, in the early days of the Klipsch " center ", audio was monophonic, so it was easy to run it, with a separate mono amp. When stereo was introduced, a summed L & R signal needed to be introduced to the center channel amplifier / speaker, which might be the design of that particular crossover. Anyway, the photo will help me. Thx MrD.
You may want to give Bob Crites ( or his son Mike) a call-email he'd probably know and have any parts you may need. I know they are responding to emails as i just received new parts from them last week for my La Scala's. 


Bob Crites knows nothing about this crossover, its a Klipsch's thing..................This speakers was built special for a center channel for two K-Horns.........I might like to talk with Audio Research about forming a center channel from my line-stage.............
Whats frustrating is it would take the right person to tell you in five minutes what I needed to know.....But I would bet I will never use this brand new speaker, because I will never find out how to connect it.........I'll try and take a picture of the crossover , which is at least four times bigger than the stock one...........and if anyone is interested in it e-mail me
You’ve had similar problems with Audio Research, Atma-Sphere, VPI, Sonic Craft, Psvane and other reputable manufactures. I see a pattern, just saying.  Don't forget that little thing called COVID-19 which has many manufactures having reduced staffing.
Don’t know if they’ll be easier to contact, but- one of these guys may have some info, regarding that special, center channel crossover:  http://www.klipschupgrades.com/belleupgrades3.shtml     or: https://critesspeakers.com/crossovers.html        A couple papers by Paul Klipsch, on center channel derivation: https://www.rfcafe.com/references/electronics-world/wide-stage-stereo-electronics-world-march-1960.htm and: http://assets.klipsch.com/files/Dope_611120_v2n13.pdf      Note that Klipsch had built a Stereo 2-3 Control Box (connected via output transformer taps), to derive the third/center channel.     It's just conceivable, that's what you have.
A little more than a year ago you said you talked with a tech at Klipsch and they told you how to hook it up.  Do you think they will tell you something different now?
What they told me wasn't for a speaker with this crossover, so it was different and couldn't be hooked up that way......somebody at Klipsch built this crossover, so somebody knows how it works............
You my be right that I am expecting people to service things they sell, or at least be somewhat connected to answer questions, but I have thousands of dollars tied up it things that need some kind of service....But I think maybe I should get rid of the problem , by selling the problem......And forget the idea of improving my system this way.....So I think that selling my new Belle Klipsch speaker is the answer.......I sold all my Atma Sphere stuff when servicing it became a problem.....Now its no problem......
Is this a Klipsch Belle that's in need of, "service" (with an actual, "problem"), or- one of which the owner lacks knowledge?
Klipsch Belles were discontinued around 15 years ago, so new, meaning, never connected, I am assuming. A Klipsch crossover was designed, to do exactly what I spoke about....taking a stereo signal, and converting it to a mono signal. I offered my assistance.......
I lack knowledge of how to hook this up, the speaker was special made for this system, but the hook-up instructions are lost , so would you say its a actual problem that you can't use this for what it is intended for or just a figment of my imagination........information is good, if you can get it
Mr Decibel.....I am only able to answer these questions one at a time....I have not had time to take any pictures of this crossover....This speaker was built in 2007 I am told.....The serial number is BK3MO1705480001
The crossover says Klipsch? It has a model number?

Those thing would help. A LOT of companies, had special speakers, crossovers, and other options,
from other aftermarket, manufactures. 

Some of these options are RARE, few people ever bought them, or the ones that did, kept them. You bought them with no instructions... I'd make sure it was a Klipsch, XO first...

Just because it was made by them, does’t mean they can still support it either.
They may not have staff, that has the know how. Just a thought..

In any case, Information is key, Model number, or any INFORMATION, would be a good place to start. Just trying to help...

Sir :    I have worked in electronics for over fifty years, I have owned just about everything Klipsch has made including K-Horns, LaScala's, Cornwalls, Heresies, Belles and several others.......I am aware how Klipsch does things.....At one time I had the instructions for this project but I lose them.....One of the problems with these forums is it becomes about the person and not the problem......Like I said in the beginning, if someone at Klipsch would answer the phone that knew something , then the problem would get solved........The Belle Klipsch was used a lot for center channel so somebody at Klipsch knows how to hook them up.............When I talked to a tech at Klipsch years ago I was told I needed a pre-amp with a center channel output.....That would of course would work, but there are other ways......
"At one time I had the instructions for this project but I lose them.....One of the problems with these forums is it becomes about the person and not the problem...."     The, "person" had the instructions and lost them, which seems to be the only reason a, "problem" exists.     That you can’t wait until Klipsch is again fully staffed and operational, is a different (and sad) issue.
Where have you been the last 10 years?

This  type of "customer service" has been slowly ramping up the last 20.

Sir:    I have been in the audio repair industry for over fifty years, I have always felt that the service tech needs to connect with his customers so he doesn't waste their time making repairs that don't rectify the problem.....Keeping in mind that I was working for very large and specialized service centers in Washington, DC......And nothing in this industry is ramping up , but what they charge for service.......And that's where I've been, doing quality repairs for a fair price, and answering the phone if someone has a question ............
Sir:    I have to take the photo with my camera, download and then try a figure out how to put it in this forum, which I probably can't do anyway....And all of that after I finish cleaning , mopping and doing laundry.....I might get that do today.... 
Dude, they make HORNS.

HORNS belong on the top of a pole at a high-school sports stadium, not in your listening room.

Move on, please!
Sir:   Horns are just a few of the speakers I have, I have Klipsch La Scala, Klipsch Horns, Wilson Watt puppies, Wilson Sophia's, JBL 4315 monitors, Pro-Ac 2's, Altec A7's......And a single Klipsch Belle...........And what would you have, horns on posts......
Johnk....What a guy you are.....That is exactly what I have been looking for for over a year....The perfect diagram of several different types....PERFECT !!!     Thanks so much
Will, I directed you to the Klipsch forum community, early on, as this subject was discussed there. You chose not to, for some unknown reason. Good luck.
mrdecibel    If I could figure out how to use forums it would be good, but they seem to be laid out in a order to confuse people like myself.....I wish I could use a forum for more information, but sadly I cannot........I have also found that google is so complex that it has become very hard to use...........
All Klipsch crossovers are marked as to what they are. What does yours say it is? If it is not a Klipsch crossover why would you expect support anyway?
mrdecibel gave you good advice and you did not follow it. If forums and google are to complex (though you did manage to use this one to complain on) you have no business digging into your speakers especially since you seem to not follow the advice of people trying to help.
Well that shows what you know about me or Klipsch speakers.....This is a one of a kind speaker ,that was build as a center channel and that's all.....And about me , you know nothing, so don't make stupid remarks.....Try and fix the problem instead of making a problem.........Google will vincent and maybe you will learn something..........Maybe I could google your name and find out who you are......I like that, who are you ???   
It always seems that people can't stay on the subject, but venture into personalities , the color of peoples cars, and anything but the topic of the discussion .....There is so much information one could shear with his partners in a hobby, so much help could be passed on, but its better to find fault with the person and shear nothing but problems........I think I have spent enough time on this discussion, and will thanks all the people that brought something to the table.......And I hope a few have learned something........THANKS