Cambridge Audio Azur DacMagic vs Micromega MyDac? Anyone familiar with both?

Hi gang:
I'm considering replacing my first generation DacMagic with a Micromega MyDAC in my primary system, which is all tube electronics into Sonus Faber Liuto monitors.  I am using the USB port on an older Macbook to connect the DAC.

I would then use the DacMagic in my secondary desktop system- speakers are Audioengine A5's.

My question is: will the Micromega MyDac be a noticeable improvement or more of a lateral move?  I am new to streaming and the DacMagic is my first DAC.

Thanks very much.

I think the USB implementation in the DacMagic is the weak link. You might try a used USB/SPDIF converter in between your computer and DAC. The MyDAC has advanced USB implementation. 

My thinking is that your system is worthy of a better digital front end than either.  One way to do this is via USB/SPDIF converter into an older high quality DAC which finds its self on the market due to lacking current USB implementation. If budget is a concern the converter can be purchased 1st and a DAC later.

Thank you, Mesch for your response.  I will research USB/SPDIF converters- I have much to learn!  I did read somewhere that the DacMagic has "decent" USB performance but that likely was from an old review.  I do understand that advances in digital audio technology have been significant over the past few years.

I have not compared the DacMagic to any other DAC in my system.  I think it sounds good, but have no other reference.  And yes, budget is a consideration.  

Thanks again.