Can a cheapo set of earbuds sound great?



I’m almost embarrassed to mention a set of earbuds, which sell for $52 or so on Amazon(I paid $69.95 elsewhere) on this illustrious site. But the 1MORE Triple driver headphones are amazing.
I’ve been looking to supplement my Audeze headphones with less bulky earbuds for travel and convenience. I sampled some in the $200+ range and was to say the least, not impressed. On a lark, I purchased the low price 1MORE and was blown away. Rich, detailed sound with decent bass. Of course, they can’t be compared to high end phones, and I don’t know how durable they are.  But for the price, you can’t beat them. Nice packaging too.


we saw this the first time you posted this the other day.


are they bluetooth by chance or  you have the 3.5mm plug on the end ?

3.5mm plug at the end.

I am so impressed by these earbuds, I thought I’d re-post it, in case anyone wanted to give them a try.  They’re certainly worth a listen.

" 3.5mm plug at the end.


which could be why you got them so cheap as a lot of earbuds are now bluetooth.


glad you found a pair you like and maybe pick up other pair just to have as a spare set.

“… for the price ,you can’t beat them …”

My take:

(1)” for the price” ….OK. Fair enough… enjoy them in this limited and narrowly defined context.

(2) “Great” ? Hmmm … uh, no … Not in my reference frame. Units at this price point strata may deliver an acceptable yeoman performance to some, but a rating of “great” wont pass muster in my reference frame.
Everything in this crazy hobby is built to its price point with an audio performance in lockstep.

But, go enjoy them .


Sold giving them a try recently lost a channel in my earbuds, bought a cheap pair at the airport and they sound terrible. Hopefully these are a nice improvement thanks for the heads up rvpiano!

Yeah, 1More has a rep for delivering good sound and tech for the $.  I will say though that sound quality increases quickly and significantly as you go up the price scale from the $50 range.  That said, I think you made a very good choice at this price level and glad you’re enjoying them. 

They arrived today and gave them a quick trial they sound fantastic. Thanks @rvpiano !

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I never ever buy a cheap set of earbuds because they are not quality-wise good or not voice clarity.

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