Can streamed Music sound better on a Sunday?

I’m new to the audio world. I had an accident about 2 1/2 years ago that left me a highly functioning quadriplegic. I used to mountain bike five days a week, that’s how I had the accident. I loved it I wouldn’t change anything. So I was looking into other things that interested me. Back in the 1980s I was into audio and then I took a 30 year hiatus and here I am. It’s a whole New World. So my question is can audio that I stream on a Sunday sound better than the same music during the week? Is it possible that you get less bandwidth when things are busy during the week versus when there’s less traffic on a Sunday? Call me crazy but It’s Sunday afternoon and my system sounds wonderful.
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You are crazy man!  Sorry, I couldn't resist (-: 

Your post reminded me of Kristofferson's song "Sunday Morning Coming Down" made famous by  Johnny Cash. Maybe it's just  some good Sunday afternoon vibes that you are feeling.

I recently read a news article where streaming services like Netflix were being asked to limit their high-def streaming to avoid bogging down the internet because so many folks were "sheltering in place" due to the Covid-19 pandemic. That would be the opposite of what you are suggesting though.  Who  knows?

Anyway, all the best, enjoy your music!

In my experience, sound quality can vary from day to day.  It may be the amount of noise in your electricity, the noise level in your home, your frame of mind on a given day, or many other factors.

Whatever does it, enjoy!
I agree that SQ is elecricity dependant. It is however not a new finding, there is a reason that power conditioners are used in hifi setups. What is interesting though is that using my own solar produced electricity incl. battery stored electricity brings a significant improvement. 
Mine always sounds the same, maybe you need to look at your system.
Bits are just Bits nothing more.
So my question is can audio that I stream on a Sunday sound better than the same music during the week? Is it possible that you get less bandwidth when things are busy during the week versus when there’s less traffic on a Sunday?

That's an interesting question. Bandwidth does have a huge impact on quality. HD was originally intended to be High Definition- one channel of ultra high quality audio and video. Until the suits figured out they could stuff 500 channels of I Love Lucy and weather reports into the same pipe as just one HD movie. Streamers could be doing something like that. 

But, I rather doubt that is the reason. Because they would need some reason to be going back and forth. Bandwidth costs, they aren't streaming for charity. More likely its just you are noticing what others have mentioned, its the power.

There's a simple enough test. You already hear the difference streaming. That could be bandwidth. Now try CD, or records. If those also sound better, well then its not bandwidth.

Bandwidth will play no part in this, a high definition film only needs 3 Meg a second to stream and the requirements for music is much lower.
So this is not a consideration unless you are stuck in the past and still using a modem on dialup.

Not sure where you people get these ideas from but they are not based on facts..
Streaming music doesn’t require much bandwidth—almost all current internet speeds are more than fast enough to keep your tunes rolling. In most cases, 500 Kbps (0.5 Mbps) is enough speed; you’ll need more speed for multiple streams.

Thanks everyone for all the input. I think Miller carbon said it better than I did. That’s what I was wondering about was if they were able to mess with the size of the pipe during the week when things were busier. Thus I would get Less of a signal. It sounds like that’s not possible and everyone agrees that I am slightly crazy, LOL But that’s OK I’ve been reading through this form for about a month now and I can see that I’m not alone. Thanks everyone, Ray
Depending on your type of broadband you have what is called contention rates where the available bandwidth is shared, but in practice this would not affect the streaming quality and the management of the packet delivery and local cashe Would manage this.
You're not crazy Ray, probably just paying attention. That's the way it went with me. People would say their system sounds better late at night when the power is cleaner. Right. Dream on. Until one afternoon I put on a CD that I was used to hearing late at night. I had put it on just to have some background music while the system was warming up. Wasn't even sitting down. Caught me completely off guard. Had to sit down and listen, trying to understand what could be wrong. Played again late that same night, sounded just like it should. 

Odds are that is all that happened. You are listening closely and noticing things. Now the fun part, trying to understand why.

That's the part that will drive you crazy. Not the fact there is a difference you can hear. The Wonderland of stories why.
Bandwidth and error rates are easy enough to look into with apps like speed test and error logs/rates from your broadband modem...  I would guess it is something else like power or RFI issues...  Some devices can be pretty sensitive...  Even power or RFI noise from a neighbor or business might be the issue...  Maxwell, Tesla and Faraday suggest that all things transmit and receive...