Can you share your experience and thoughts on the Audio Research integrated?

Can you share your experience and thoughts on the Audio Research 1/50 integrated? 


I have heard the I/50, and liked it, but not for a while. I have listened to the Vsi75 extensively… a phenomenal sounding amp. Warm and detailed. I am very much a Audio Research fan. All my equipment is ARC. 

ARC is nice gear and there are others to consider also, VAC, LTA, Atmospheres…

I listened to it a number of times during my recent search for a new amp for my streaming system. I liked it alot, very nice design, the speakers hooked up at the dealer were Atom's...powered them well...It came in as my second choice, ARC is an excellent company with a strong history in our space... the integrated DAC is supposed to be shipping July and priced at $1500 if that is of interest.

@ghdprentice I've become curious about the Vsi75.....have you compared it to anything such as PL, Rogue, etc?   



i have not specifically compared them. But I own a Prima Luna integrated and have listened to Rogue. The Audio Research captures the musicality of the very best warm and natural tube systems of the distant past while not losing the details of modern day tube stuff. In comparison, PrimaLuna is much more sterile and Rogue is just more sterile. The ARC is incredibly involving, with amazing midrange bloom.


For me, and I jettisoned the massively powerful detail / slam amps for a natural / musical system and I love the ARC integrated. I love all kinds of music… old jazz, rock, classical, world.